What is it with men and sexual abuse of children?

Still reeling from the charges placed against Jerry Sandusky for child rape and sexual abuse, I find myself wondering when something will be done to help protect the children more. Are things getting to the point where male adults cannot be left alone with children, (male or female), anywhere at anytime?? Are schools and organizations (such as Boy Scouts) going to have to hire female security guards to protect the children from teachers, scout leaders and other men in positions of authority?

What the hell is it with men wanting to sexually abuse kids anyway??? I don’t get it and it sickens me.

Won’t anyone think of the children?!

I had no idea it bothered you so much. We’ll stop at once.

So how do you extrapolate Jerry Sandusky’s misdeeds to “men?”

Once you figure that one out, I’ll head over to the sterilization facility.

My grandfather was a sexual abuser. The way in which he abused his children and grandchildren (to a lesser or greater extent and degree of success) was a reproduction of the way his mother had abused him, and of the way the mother’s mother had abused her own daughter.

What is it with people wanting to sexually abuse children anyway???

Since the OP pretty much accuses all men of being possible child molesters - a position I have seen caricatured but which I didn’t think anyone really believed - I don’t think this is going to work as a debate. Moved to The BBQ Pit from Great Debates.

It’s because we were circumcised. DUH!

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There’s got to be something in the water. …everywhere. This has got “Purity of Essence” all over it.

Here in the Houston area, one of those female teachers who had sex with a male student finally got a sentencing. It’s not even the first such case this year.

So, what’s with women and sexually abusing young boys?

Maybe the solution is to avoid having boys alone with any adults ever. Lord of the Flies all over again.

It’s a guy thing. You wouldn’t understand.


[li]Men tend to initiate sex more and be more sex focused than women. Things men do are therefore more prone to have a sexual aspect to it; in the case of child abuse, that means that men are more likely to sexually molest them, while child abusing women are more prone to torture or kill children instead.[/li][li]Children have more features that resemble those that distinguish women from men, rather than the other way around. Children compared to men are shorter, less muscular, have a higher pitched voice etc. So if a man’s sexual focus is defective, it’s a smaller jump for it to target children than it is for a woman.[/li][li]Men are more variable than women, which includes a greater likelihood of psychological abnormality.[/li][li]For a predator of any kind, children have the obvious attraction of being far less able to defend themselves.[/li][/ul]

If all women were as stupid as you I’d consider it.

Hey, all I did was shake the kid’s hand.

Look, the fact of the matter is children are much easier to sexually abuse than adults because they are smaller and weaker.

Put me in a room with a bunch of mute quadriplegic adults and I will blissfully sexually abuse them like a motherfuck. Until you can guarantee me easy adult prey like that, I am sticking with children.

The only logical solution is to send all children out into the woods to fend for themselves, away from any adults. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll be in my bunk . . .

South Park did it.

You win the internet!

I blame the Illuminati.

Sorry, but I ran out of cardboard tubes.

Well that makes defending against you easy - just drop your pants before going near children.