PSP - Missing toolbar?

I have Paint Shop Pro 6.0 and for some reason one of the toolbars has gone missing. Well, not missing, but resized so thin that I can’t use it at all.

It’s the toolbar that goes right underneath the File, Edit, View, Capture, Help bar, and has icons. For some reason, it’s resized so it’s extremely thin, so much so that I could barely tell it was there without turning it on and off again (View-Toolbars-Tool Bar).

Double-clicking on it to make it a window results in a window barely big enough to show the “x.”

And clicking and dragging won’t resize it no matter how it’s set up.

Anyone know how to fix this one?

Nobody knows?

You might want to ask a moderator to add “Paint Shop Pro” to the title, to make it more eye-catching to the Paint Shop experts.

PSP 7x has a feature under customizing the toolbars where you can rest it to its default settings. One would think 6x would have this feature as well.

It’s been a while since I used 6x (I now use v8.10).

Ah, let me rephrase that to resetting it to its default settings.