Is this where I express my appreciation for *The Damned’s *interpretation of the song and my burning desire to see this campy flick?

One of the best undead Satanist biker movies ever to be made in Britain on a budget of thirty quid and a pickled egg …

And Nicky Henson - back in the day! Mmmmm!


:confused: The liner notes on The Light At the End of the Tunnel credit it to Jugg/Scabies/Merrick/Vanian. The Damned, through and through.

Oh yeah… good song! :slight_smile:

You mean they WROTE it?

I ghots ta tell ya, nothing makes me feel more manly in my '83 Corolla than this song pumping through my $97 stereo system. I can’t explain it–I just feel like I’m on a street bike going 180 mph through heavy traffic. They really captured the spirit of the story.

Yes, they wrote the song, but I’m not sure the song was in the movie soundtrack. (I’ve never seen it.) For one thing, The Damned released their first single in 1976, just going by memory, and the movie came out in 1971.

Are you guys sure you heard that song in that movie? I think it was probably written as a tribute to the film… the way another, much weaker band put out a song called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” a few years ago.

I can believe The Damned paid tribute. Feckin’ Whores! (NOT!)
Cereal, I recall a similar timeline and can only say,“Wow” If the movie producers had waited for Scabies the film might have left the rock!

What an energetic tune!!!

And by that I mean, ANY motorcycle company could do an ad with just this music in the background of a bunch of flashes of their product and reap BILLIONS. And that’s really what we’re all about on the Harley side of the pond. :smiley:

Wiki link. Formed in 1976; released the seminal, early punk single “New Rose” that year.

“Psychomania” appeared on the album Anything, which came out in Dec. 1986.

The only possible links I can imagine between the film and the song are these two scenarios:

  1. The song is a cover or an altered or slightly rewritten version of a song from the movie, with misattribution in the Anything credits (which says: “All selections written by Jugg-Scabies-Merrick-Vanian”) AND in the compilation album credits. Odds of this happening w/o film studio lawyers raising a fuss: slim.

  2. The song was written as a tribute to the movie, which pleased the filmmakers so much they tinkered with their 1971 product for, say, a DVD release or director’s cut version, with the Damned song spliced in or layered over the opening or closing credits, or something. (We could call this the “Lucas” version.) Odds of this being the case: better than those of #1, but not good, as who throws money at re-releases or alterations of micro-budgeted British cult horror/black comedy flicks from the early '70’s? [Answer: well, it happened with The Wicker Man, dinnit? It sure did, with a special-ed. “wooden box” edition and everything! So who knows? Anybody care to sift through movie versions of Psychomania online?]

I saw the movie on a local commercial UHF station’s “Creature Double Feature” one Saturday afternoon, likely in about 1980.

I can’t imagine the outcry ("What about the children?! ") if it appeared on daytime UHF today. I loved it at the time, haunting imagery as cheesy as it was and I still remember some of the creepy/silly scenes.

Definately one to rent if possible.

I love you. By the way. This song hits the same nerves as “Anything.” I can lay quivering in a pool of cold sweat after listening to either tune…sorry ladies… This hypothesis wouldn’t surprise me at all. What I do know is that “Psychomania” calls up such vivid minutae of motorcycle afficianado-ism that it’s hard to NOT imagine being an undead motorcyclist, hell-bent for leather.