Pub lobbying firm with close WH ties is working to undermine Maliki's government

Story here. What the fuck?! :eek:

Who’s behind this (really), and why?

Simplest answer probably is the right one. Allawi has the resources to buy support, and what better firm to hire than one with ties to the Administration.

Well, gee, what about Ahmed “Chubby” Chalabi? You remember him, up there in the honored seats at the State of the Union Address? The brave Iraqi patriot? Who better to personify our committment to vigorous entrepreneurship than a guy with an eye to the main chance? Who best typifies our effort?

OK, he has a few problems, image wise, but a little soap, a little judicious slander…whats not to love?

I doubt that. The two men are actually related, but their relationship isn’t particularly close. They are rivals, and ally at times only out of convenience.

Maliki responds. (To Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin; Barbour, Griffith & Rogers is not mentioned.)

Interesting analysis from Time:

But if not a coup, then what? Another election? Can another election be run under current circumstances?

Relevant article from Harper’s.

Elections only matter if all parties agree on the legitimacy of the outcome and the winners don’t have a ‘winner takes all’ attitude. Neither condition applies in Iraq.

Edit - by ‘parties’ I mean not just the political parties but the factions the population is split into. There is no chance the Kurd will accept the outcome of the Kirkuk referendum if they haven’t managed to ethnically cleanse enough Arabs to ensure victory IMHO.

Not that Maliki deserves to keep his job. He’s been directly implicated in blocking efforts to fight the endemic corruption in the government:

But what makes anyone think Chalabi or Allawi would be any better?