Pub Outrage Over Workplace Fairness

Well Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is taking a stand against unfairness in how senior workers are treated vs lower-level employees:

Yes, the problem we have in America is that the rich and powerful are treated unfairly.

But if a higher paid worker is looking at pornography then they wasting more of the company’s money than a lower paid worker. Ergo a harsher punishment is fair.

Given the mess these Masters of The Universe have made of the world economy the more time they spend looking at porn the better I think.

Senior staff has more responsibility and is held more accountable? I’m shocked!

And I thought this thread would be about bartenders.

Since corporate policy is set by executives and it’s their responsibility to enforce it in the workplace it kinda makes sense that they get at least the mandatory penalty.

While i agree that there’s nothing wrong with holding those in higher positions to a higher standard, the article isn’t actually talking about a company; it’s talking about a government agency, the National Science Foundation.

Which means that those aren’t really the people who have been fucking up the world economy, and also explains why a member of congress is interested in this issue.

I work for a federal agency. And I’m not a senior executive.

But I can tell you that if I was caught viewing porn on government computers, on government time … I would **expect **to be fired. That’s what we’re told in our conduct and discipline briefings. That’s what everybody should expect.

So if these executives still have jobs, despite whatever discipline they get … they should be on their knees praising Obama that they weren’t fired, instead of whining to the Senate about how unfairly they’ve been treated. Poor babies!

And if “senior executives” are anything like the ones in my agency, they are still holdovers from the Bush administration that have little sympathy for the problems and travails of their lower level employees in the first place. Again … be happy you’re still in a federal job where you can whack off at your desk! Quit whining about how “unfair” it all is!

Oh, yeah. I live in Iowa, too. Grassley is one of my senators. And he’s like a 25-point favorite for reelection this year. Oh, joy.