What could “PUBESMA” mean? I saw a 60ish woman with a big hat driving a purple convertible that had the vanity plate “PUBESMA.” It sounds vaguely obscene, but I really can’t figure this one out.

At least when I saw “BUNION” on a license plate I knew what it was. I just didn’t know why anyone would want it on their license plate. A podiatrist, perhaps?

Maybe her dog is named Pube (imagine baby-talk…“Puh-be”). Therefore she is Pube’s Ma.

I’d expect it to be a itty-bitty, yappy lap dog.

No, it’s about her neighbor who always comes over and cuts farts. The farting lady has a daughter named Bess.

Pee Yoo! Bess’ Ma!

Naw, he was a member of the Bricklayers’ Union!

The license plate in the OP belongs to the proud mother of Philicia, Ulysses, Bartholomew, Euripides and Sam.

You know the guy from Conan O’Brian that can ruin any situation by saying one word, “Pubes.” Maybe this is that guys mom. :smiley: