Vanity plates

Maybe you actually have some. Or would like to get some.What would they say?
I’d hate to be stuck with “GOING-66” that I saw today.

I am getting vanity plates on my truck that simply say “Zette” (my real name is Suzette)
Why? Because I can… :wink:

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

Well, it helps registering into motels. I only remember the letters part of my plate.

Early this year, I decideded to get the word “MAGICK” on a set of vanity plates. On the way from my office to the license office, I found myself behind a purple Isuzu, license plate: MAGICK.

I’ve still got the standard-issue plates, because I can’t think of anything else I’d want to put on a set of vanities.

Of course I don’t fit in; I’m part of a better puzzle.

My wife has “MEHKYFN”? Any guesses?

I used to have “HAN SOLO”. I used to park next to “OBI WAN” at my work garage, but I never saw him.

I got rid of them after I tried to fight a ticket. After I lost, the prosecutor made it a point to ask what my vanity plates said and what they meant.

I once saw a vanity plate that said
“Livin XL” on a Geo. yeah, that’s reaching for the pot of gold.

Off subject a little bit, and maybe it is only here in Michigan, but many veterans have on their plates stating what war they served.
Not that I served in a war ( But I have been in a few food fights) but is this free to veterans and does it help them get out of tickets?

While driving through Morgantown, WV (home of West Virginia University) recently, I saw a car with H8 PITT. I thought it was gr8.

If I ever get a vanity plate, it’ll be LMW 28IF. A gold star to the first person to get the reference.

Montfort, the 28IF, I assume, would be an homage to the number on the plate of the VW Bug that appears on the “Abbey Road” album cover?

my plate is POKEY P. ex-wife gave them to me during the time when we were dating. the last P stands for my last name…anther gold star if you guess the POKEY part…


Mine would probably be DORK1 for not figuring out how to do that spiffy thing posting links, but…

For a good site devoted to vanity plates, try:



Hot DAMN, it worked!!!

Outta here, guys, I’m on a rolll; I’m gonna go try to program my phone…!


Good one!

I saw a guy driving a Mercedes , a 230 or something, gold trim.Guy was wearing gold watch, nice suit. Plate said “ORDERS”. I didn’t get it.

pldennison: Wow, it took you ten minutes to get my reference. Good job.

Yes, it’s the plate # of the Beetle on the Abbey Road album cover, and allegedly a “Paul is Dead” clue (LMW = Linda McCartney widow, 28IF = Paul would be 28 if he’d lived). Of course, Paul was 29 when the picture of him walking barefoot across Abbey Road was taken.

I have no clue what i would put on a vanity liscence plate. However, my friend matt has on his car: MATZSI = Matt’s SI (SI is a reference to his car. It escapes me but it’s a Japanese car he has…kinda sports car looking (you can tell I’m into cars LOL). I can’t even fit in the front seat of that thing without injuring myself or sitting right up against the dashboard(long legs and a two door Japanese car dont mix).

Mine says “OSU” which is Osu! not Ohio State University (everybody asks me if I went to Ohio State).

What more could you expect from somebody who lets people kick him to the head?

If ONLY we had such a wonderfull thing here in Holland !! My plates just read PR-SF-62. Our plates are yellow with black characters. They indicate the registration date of the car. So, you don’t take your plates with you, you just get new plates with every other car you buy.

My Vanity Plates would read…

ColdFire :slight_smile:

“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

My favorite vanity plate was one I saw recently…it was a college plate from some tiny school around here whose mascot is a horse.

The plate said, “Equis.” I laughed out loud thinking of that poor alumnus, thinking he or she was so lucky that it wasn’t already taken.

Back in my home town the local Public Defender has a license plate that reads:


How original, huh?

I did see V LESTAT that I though was pretty cool. Anyone get the reference?

Anybody who has ever seen the movie or read the book “Interview with the Vampire” would get that reference.

Anyways, I saw two identical looking Mercedes parked in front of a house with vanity plates, “HIS” and “HERS”.