Public Domain Day 2023

On January 1st works from 1927 officially enter the public domain. A few highlights:

Sherlock Holmes
The movie Metropolis
The “We all scream for Ice Cream” song.

More info and examples here:

I think Metropolis intrigues me the most. Wondering what people do with that.

This is an article, and partial list, of books, etc. that have now entered public domain under U.S. law.

Thanks for the link.

Just to be clear, all but one of the Holmes works were already public domain, this was the last holdout.

I always like to think of MST3K’s riff on Amazing Grace in the movie The Touch of Satan:

This so-ong is in the public do-omain.
That’s why we-e used it twiiicce

A big one I missed: the song Puttin on the Ritz.