Pulled and blown sugar decorating

I am looking for a good book or video on the art of pulled sugar decorations. My sister and I have seen this kind of work on Food Channel programs and we want to try it. But the local bookstores andd the library don’t seem to have anything for it. I’ve tried Googling “pulled sugar” but all I seem to come up with are instructional courses at schools. The book or video needn’t be new, just servicable. Our main goal is to try making some of the bows like we saw on TV. If you can recommend a work, or tell us where to look, we would be grateful! Thank you!!

It’s not a book, but here at least is a recipe forribbon candy.

Hey, Baker, I’m looking for the same thing!

I’ve got books about gumpaste, fondant, and all that – a couple of them touch on pulled sugar, but nothing specific. I’ve been looking at their bibliographies, and so far, zilch.

I’m going to look around some more – if I find anything, I’ll tell you :slight_smile:

Thanks, Squink that’s close to the kind of thing we are after, especially the handling techniques. The only thing I saw that was different from what we saw on TV was that those cooks put a little vinegar in the candy mix. What the vinegar was supposed to do I’m not sure. But I will definitely save the link you provided.

Wow, almost a simulpost. And kiz, I’ll do the same for you. If you can get the Food Channel, and a rerun of the National Pastry Chefs Championships is sceduled, be sure to watch it, there are some spectacular sugar items on it.

OK, I finally found a listing for one book on the subject, dut dang, it’s expensive. It’s available from a book firm in the UK, in cooperation with Amazon, and is written by Ewald Notter, who has won a lot of pastry competitions.