Looking for a good sugar lift formula:

As i have mentioned before, i am a printmaker. I recently heard from a fellow printer that he has seen sugarlift prints where the sugar lift was so fine it could be applied with a crow quill. I am interested in this formula as it would thrill the heck out of me.


Whoah. I study prints (geek art history student) and this was one of those thread titles that surprises the hell out of me. I LOVE Hercules Seghers, which is why this grabbed my attention. Pleased to meet you, Anemone. I think I recall you from another technical print thread a few months ago.
I’ll see if i have any info on this is in a book around here-- I think they may just have used sugared water back in the day.

ok-- most common seems to be the 1:1 india ink: sugar (with a bit of soap or ethylene glycol to break the surface tension and add adhesion to plate). You can pulverize the sugar in a mortar for finer grain or dilute the whole mix with water or honey if it is too thick.
Another recipe uses 1:1 gum arabic and black tempera with a tad of soap.
Maybe this helps, or is this stuff you already know? Now lets talk about Seghers!

Nice to meet you capybara! Yes those two formulas are known to me, the india ink/sugar one being the most used in my shop. The artist who told me about the fine sugar lift is engaged in the proccess of hunting down the formula for it as we speak. Thanks for looking for me! About Hercules Seghers…sorry to dissapoint but I dont know too much about him, except that i find i generaly prefer his paintings to his prints. I enjoy the works of John Steuart Curry, Mabel Dwight, Kerr Eby, Henry Farrer, Leo Meissner, Louis Orr, Kaethe Kollwitz, Hokusai, Chikanobu,Hiroshige… the list could drag on untill doomsday as I LOVE printmaking. I also make and illustrate books. What got you interested in prints? I am in college on the east coast but am from L.A. i see that you are located in sana barbara. Lovely, i miss home.

SANTA Barbara. ahem.