Pulled muscle causing skin pain?

I’m going to ask my physical therapist about this tomorrow, and probably go to the doctor Tuesday if they can see me, but in the mean time, tell me if my hypothesis is totally insane.

I seem to have pulled a muscle in my right side - I have pain there that gets worse when I move in particular ways, and ibuprofen seems to help my symptoms. (I don’t know what I did specifically, but I was going down the water slide with my five year old for the better part of an hour, not the type of activity I normally do.)

So the weird thing - the skin on the right side of my torso has been having various weird sensations - tingling, prickling, itching, and feeling like a mild sunburn. There’s no visible problem with the skin, and it wasn’t exposed to the sun. It wasn’t exposed to any substance or material that the rest of me wasn’t exposed to. It is very clearly confined to the right side. I think it seems to get better when I take ibuprofen, but it’s kind of hard to tell because the sensations happen randomly.

So my guess is inflammation from my injury is pressing on a nerve and creating weird phantom sensations. Is this feasible?

My random not qualified opinion.
Sounds feasible to me. Especially if there is swelling on the right side.

Totally ask your doctor about it though.

This happened to me a few months ago. Doc said the pulled muscle was causing pressure (or something like that) on a nerve. In my case, it was a pulled muscle in my neck messing up a nerve running down my arm - really freakin’ magical. My arm felt like it was burning - if it had been on my left side I’d have freaked. Anyways, it went away just fine after a few days of wearing a neck brace.

Go see a Doc though to be sure.

Thanks for the replies. It’s such a bizarre experience, it’s good to hear that yeah, it can happen. And yes, I am going to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll see what they say.

Yeah, that really sounds like what’s going on, but I’ll put a saver on something you’re not going to want to hear:


It’s actually caused by the chicken pox virus. After you’ve had chicken pox, the virus hides out in your nerves. It can occasionally peak out and get busy, causing all sorts of strange nerve stimuli. Sometimes, it can get really painful.

I hope it’s not that. I hope it’s the pulled muscle.