Pumpkin Dump

I came home yesterday to find a pumpkin in my side yard, quietly sitting under the tree. It’s not a small pumpkin, but probably weighs close to 10-15 lbs. or so. It wasn’t there when left for work. Our is not the type of neighborhood where silly children move pumpkins from one place to the next, which made me wonder how it arrived in my side yard. (No, the yard isn’t fenced, and is visable from the street.)

So, any suggestions or theories about the Pumpkin Dump?

Consider it a gift and make the most excellent Jack-O-Lantern you can think of! Happy Halloween.

On a side note, saw something on the news the other day. Do not put pumpkin guts down your garbage disposal. Instead of chopping the guts up, the disposal did a fine job weaving the fibrous strands into a short hunk of pumpkin gut rope which promptly plugged up the sink drain. In the trash, compost bin, left out for wild animals to munch on fine, down the garbage disposal, no.


Maybe it was a silly adult. Continue the tradition and move it to another neighbor’s house in the middle of the night.

Sorry I can’t help, but the title just gave me an idea for my jack’o’lantern.

Unfortunately I don’t think my wife will let me carve one straining to make a turd, or wincing from runny-bum. Make use of the innards or better yet, smaller squashes. I’ve done the vomiting one a couple of times, so this might be a change.

Sorry for the hijack…

well, we get drive by zucchini-ings, drive by tomato-ings, and once a drive by watermeloning, so why not a pumpkin?

we ate the tomatoes, and teh watermelon but neither of us like zucchini, so late that night we drive by zucchini-d a friend=)

It was left by the Great Pumpkin. You are lucky to be so honored.

At least it wasn’t screaming at you.


Waltzing bears rode it in like a ball.