Punchline to penis joke

My wife wanted to tell me a joke she heard, but she can’t remember the punch line. This is what she remembers.

Did you hear about the man with five dicks? His pants fit like a glove.

Did you hear about the man with two dicks? He named them ----A and ----B.

She can’t remember what the name was. She said that it was some synonym for penis (she can’t remember if it was slang or medical or what) that ended with the sound A (like how you pronounce the letter A). What is that word?

Jose and Hose B?

My penis is 12 inches long, but I rarely use it … as a rule.

Shouldn’t this be three dicks, or does he have no legs?

That was it. Thanks!

I normally hear it more as a slightly derogatory joke towards Mexicans. Something along the lines of one person mentioning a large landscaping job to be done and the other commenting that he’ll just have Jose and Hose B do it.

I heard a variant where the question is “What did the (Mexican) fireman name his twins?”

I’ve usually heard it as “the condom fit him like a glove”.

I cringe when people pronounce José like hose-a, but it reminds me of another joke/pun that plays on the mispronunciation.

Jose went to his first baseball game, and when he got home his family asked him if he enjoyed the game. “Everybody was so nice!” Jose said, “My seats were very far away, so before the game started, the whole crowd asked me, ‘Jose, can you see?!’”

The Straight Dope is to fight ignorance. Either you’re assuming everyone on these boards knows the correct pronunciation, or you’re not trying to fight ignorance.
Since I’m not in the first group; how is it pronounced?

Here in San Antonio it’s more along the lines of ho - zay.

The is pronounced like the se in set, Ho - se.

I think the part that I don’t understand is why it’s sometimes pronounced with an a sound when there’s not an a in the name.

Peek, to me, that’s pretty much the same as hose-a, but I’ve never been good at parsing phonics.

ETA: I admit I pronounce it hose-a when I used to talk about José Canseco, but that was from growing up listening to sportscasters pronouncing the in José the same as the se in Canseco, perhaps because it alliterated better that way?

This is more a Cafe Society or MPSIMS thread.

Which is exactly how “hose a” is pronounced in my dialect. (Chicago) How do you say “hose a”?

I think it is more of an accent issue than a syllable issue.

Everyone I’ve ever known named Jose has pronounced it ho-say’ as opposed to ho’-say.

He only took tips.