Puncture proof gloves

My question is stimulated by the police and border programs I love watching.

Is it possible to make gloves that are very flexible (making it practical to do detailed searches) but also puncture-proof? I know it is possible to make puncture-proof gloves (chain-mail comes to mind), but I’m curious whether there are materials that could be used to make ones that would still allow you fine work.

They do make needle/cut-resistant gloves:

Not sure how they’re rated for dexterity and puncture resistance. I’ll also note that Kevlar isn’t a good material for this sort of stuff because the weave is better at absorbing and diffusing blunt-ish impact from a bullet rather than something as narrow and sharp as a needle or knife. They end up using other synthetics fibers for the job.

And also chainmail gloves for divers:

Actually, sorry, the TurtleSkin products ARE rated. Several of their “tactical”/police gloves are rated to a specified grams of force. Their safety glove line is rated to ANSI puncture and cut resistance standards, again measured in grams or newtons of force. Here’s more on that.

Interesting! Thanks.

Yep. Stay sharp.