A link in this post leads to a The Daily Show episode with Michelle Obama. I could swear Mrs. Obama said ‘pundant’ instead of ‘pundit’. I often seem to hear people say ‘pundant’ on TV. Are they really saying that? Or am I just mishearing?

I’ll try to get to the libary before Febuary and figure this out before someone goes nucular over it. Ever since the ninedies, cannidates have had mispronounciation all over the place, I’ve noticed. For all intensive purposes, the English language is lost. GW didn’t help, much.

Supposably Mr Obama will do a better job than GW, although I am not going to take that for granite.

Someone please stop me.

That’s okay. I had a legal writing instructor insist that we were to cite to appropriate presonant.

Tell it to Chaucer, as if he could penetrate your incomprehensibly ignorant rustic accent. :wink: