This is kind of funny. Obama accidentally swears

I did a search and didn’t see any threads on this.

At a press conference Obama has a slip of the tongue.

It’s no big deal, but like I said, it is kind of funny.

Well, he really didn’t swear. He just stumbled a bit.

Well, he didn’t mean to swear, but he clearly said “shit”.

I’d expect that kind of language form his predecessor, but this is an outrage!

He’s been hanging around Biden too much.

It sounds like he said “shi-”.

Maybe. But sometimes stopping before the last letter still makes it sound like you said the word.

I guess my inner 12 year old is strong, because it’s not that funny but I’m still finding it amusing.

That was my take, too.

Your real name isn’t Beavis, is it? :smiley:

Better than being Butt-head :smiley:

If I was president I’d swear all the fucking time. Fuck you assholes.

What about the children!?!?!?!?!?

Them too.

Not funny, he just mis-pronounced what he was intending to say.

Especially the damn kids. Teach 'em early, teach 'em right, I always say.

The next time he’s in the UK we should introduce Obama to Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary.