Sigh............Joe Biden

I never liked him. He always came across as narcistic and badgering rather than inquisitive in committee hearings.

I wasn’t really thrilled by Obama choosing him for the vice-presidency, but then I’ve never taken that office seriously.

But given the latest episode, I can ensure Leno and Letterman that there is nothing to worry about.

Did you see that clip of Obama asking Biden to swear in some executive staffers?

First off he forgets the program. Who the hell does he expect is going to administer the oath to the executive staff? . He just completed some cabinet secretaries, so does he expect Obama to take over swearing in the second tier of the administration?
Then, embarrassed, recovering he delivers a tasteless joke in the middle of a solemn occassion. Clearly solemnity for the occassion was the order of the moment in Obama’s mind.

Did you see Obama’s reaction ?

A split second video clip worth a thousand words.

The guy who’se been in office for one day gets a public rebuke from his boss. Silent rebukes are the most cutting.

But then, is anyone really surprised?

Interestingly President Obama isn’t really Biden’s boss.

You have a link to something? I haven’t heard anything about this. I didn’t even know the Pres and Vice did this – I thought some level of judges did all the swearing ins.

The best I can do is this

You really need to see this on CNN .

The joke was, “My memory is not as good as Justice Roberts, Chief Justice Roberts,” correct? Is that the tasteless joke you mean?

It was a little crass and unnecessary, but not a big deal. Biden runs his mouth, we know that. This is his first Pitting as VP, so you really should’ve waited and saved it for something better.

I’ve always thought Vice-Plagiarist Biden looks a lot like Jeff Dunham’s ‘angry old man’ puppet.

Go here:

Click on “Politics” and you will find it.

Well at least I now have the unique distinction of being first at something. Those who follow me with better pits of Joe Biden will be like trees in the forest.

I’m going to have to stay awake for the Daily Show.

FoxNews is already going crazy with the spin, of course, calling it a “shot”, a “stab”, and a “slap.”

Fucking Biden. I really wish Obama hadn’t selected him.

Prediction: Biden will be a huge embarrassment to the Obama administration. Of course, that’s a little like predicting the sun will rise in the East, but you get my point.

Wow, that was… nothing, actually.

There are a whole lot of sandy vaginas on the interwebs today. I think reality is sinking in.

Is this the kind of stupid-ass carping we’re going to have to listen to for the next 8 years?

It’s not as dumb as BrainGlutton’s posts awhile back suggesting that Bush had created “secret documents” outlining how he was going to become dictator in the case of “national emergency.”

So considering this isn’t even to that level of stupid yet, then I can actually assure you that you that you’ll see greater bitching over less.

I’m guessing it’ll only be four…:smiley:

Not if this kind of crap is the best you guys can do.

I hadn’t heard about this incident anywhere but here. Who are the “you guys” you’re accusing of coming up with this?

The vast right wing conspiracy, obviously.

Oh, and Fox News, I’ll bet!