Biden Drops the F-Bomb

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I’m not even remotely upset, but I’m posting this here because it involves the word “fucking” and, well, it’s kind of a health care thread so it may end up here anyway. I will take Biden to task a bit, though.

Joe, buddy, how long have you been in politics? Yes, the signing is a big deal, but you can’t say it’s a fucking big deal on National T.V. I know you didn’t mean to, but fucking hell, man, You were standing two feet from a live mike. You had to know it was on, you just used it to introduce the President you goddamn fucking moron.

Here’s the youtube link

You have to love Obama’s fucking reaction to it, though. Instead of hiding the fucking gaffe, he takes it with fucking aplomb. He thanks the fucking press for the fucking applause, pauses and turns to fucking Biden. With a slightly skeptical look he says, “Thank you, Joe”. The crowd laughs because everybody heard Biden’s fucking aside.

Biden whispered it into Obama’s ear. To me this is not remotely a big fucking deal.

Well, it IS a big fucking deal. Joe, however impolitic, was right.

This is a nonissue in terms of, y’know, issues. Politically I can’t imagine that it’ll hurt the president or the Democrats: how many people supported the Dems but will be turned off by a fuckin?

Fucking Biden.

Excellent fucking OP. I fucking well give it nine out of ten fucking stars. I fucking had to take one off because it took you sixteen fucking words to get to the first “fucking.” Eighteen including the fucking intro text.

I never liked Bill Clinton. No because of his politics, but because he never made an uncalculated move. When he was on the Tonight Show, the soles of his shoes were polished. The man was just not normal.

I use the f-word. I do not take exception when other people let it slip through.

Personally I like a good fuckin.

Fuckin a.

Woo-Hoo! He’s reforming health care like a motherfucker!

America! Fuck yeah!

I loved the press secretary’s tweet afterward: “And yes Mr. Vice President, you’re right…”


Well, it’s not like he told a member of the fucking Congress to go fuck himself…

Either way, that was fucking awesome.

I’m glad the Dems have their own fucking Dan Quayle.

This thread is turning into episode of fuckin’ Deadwood here.

I think after close to 40 years in politics, its time to give up on hoping Biden is going to start learning to monitor his mouth.

Plus, presumably the WH wants people to hear about the signing ceremony. I bet you several million more Americans will be aware of it because the VP said a naughty word then would otherwise. So maybe its not such a dumb mistake after all.

I’ll take profanity over fucking idiocy any day.

I’m ok with a VP with actual human emotions. It’s a nice change.

Lenny Bruce is chuckling in his fucking grave tonight.

There was a bit of low comedy on Rush’s radio show today, when he spent about five minutes ranting obout Biden’s impropriety, then after a dramatic buildup, said he was going to play a clip, but that it was censored to protect his listener’s delicate sensibilities. The clip consisted of:

1 second of unidfferentiated crowd noise

a beep

1 more second of undifferentiated crowd noise.

Yep good thing that was censored, or my ears might have turned blue and fallen off.