Let's go Brandon

Its a missed opportunity. THe Biden administration and Biden supporters should embrace this chant and call it their own. Much like Yankee Doodle.

Thank you Brandon

Is the lefts answer to that.

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

I think some are trying (Biden was touring Kentucky after the tornado damage this week:

I’d prefer, “Each Sit, Trumpies…!”

( or Peach Pit Trumpy )

Simple: Democrats should nominate a candidate whose name is Brandon.

Start a “Brandon Won” campaign.

Start a “You mispronounced “Biden”, are you okay? Are you having a stroke? Is there someone I should call?” campaign.

You want to shame or embarrass the people who think “let’s go Brandon” is an ingenious code?
Good luck with that.

I was trying for “annoy”.

Personally, I quite like the left’s current response. I think the left has done a phenomenal job of, more or less, completely ignoring it. It’s pretty rare for an entire group of people this large to simultaneously agree not to feed the trolls. I think, of all the times I’ve heard or seen someone respond to it, they’ve been responding to say ‘you know we don’t care, right? You can come right out and say fuck you biden if you want’.

I think it’s odd that the right has stuck with this for so long considering they get virtually no rise out of the left with it. At least all the ‘liberal tears’ jokes and ‘fuck your feelings’ comments got people worked up so it made sense.

Instead of naming the new dog Commander, they chould have named him Brandon. Just appropriate it and run with it. That’s one way the left could address its egregious trolling/shitposting gap.

As much as I prefer not to feed the trolls, that’s kinda funny.

Supposedly, Biden was on a call with some sort of Santa tracking thing and some guy said it to him and Biden said it back. It diffuses the intended insult of it, and why not? It’s a silly phrase.

“Let’s go Brandon” is something a 12-year-old would use to taunt a kid on the playground because he wants to be a bully but he’s afraid of getting caught using real swears. So it’s ideal for Trumpers.

This sketch from Amber Ruffin’s show is relevant:

It’s in part to mock the sycophantic, gaslighting media. I’m pretty sure those doing the original chant weren’t afraid of a little profanity.

These types of political jabs are fairly harmless and pretty lame and tame compared to the past. In the same league as Trump=Drumpf or (in Canada) “nice hair though”.

Most people don’t care and everyone soon forgets. This stuff gets old quickly.


I really don’t get this. Can you explain (and cites would be helpful) how this mocks Fox News?


He did and then he asked the guy followup questions and the guy went silent. I guess he didn’t expect a response.

Next time try “Baba Booey!”