What was Bush's expletive today?

Right now, the front page picture on the NY Times web site is a pic of Bush. The caption reads: “President Bush’s feelings about the U.N. chief’s approach to the Mideast crisis, punctuated with an expletive, were made public unintentionally as he shared lunch with G-8 leaders.”

Then there is this link to the audio clip: (I don’t know if it will work; you have to register to use the Times’ site.) Audio Link

When I listen to it, it’s horribly garbled. And there’s a chunk missing.

I wanna know what he said! Is it on par with Cheney? Or did he say “poopy farts”?



I am absolutely appalled watching that video.

That is disgusting and unexcusable.

Didn’t his momma teach him not to talk with his mouth full?

I wish she’d taught him not to talk when his mouth is full of shit, too…

Hey, hey, come on guys. How was he supposed to know that he was going to be on camera, and that people other than Blair might be paying attention? :rolleyes:

What’s weird in that clip is that right before Bush says the phrase in question, he seems not to be paying any attention whatsoever to what Tony Blair is saying.

Can’t the man do anything without people freaking out?

So he said “shit”. He and Blair didn’t know it was being heard. It’s not like he said, “Mongolian Clusterfuck” when referring to another world leader.

In context, it wasn’t very bad. And I love hearing two world leaders talk when they don’t know we can hear.

I’m more embarassed that Cnn.com has to use the vocabulary of a 10 year old. “Bush uses the ‘s-word’.” The S-word? Are we in Third grade?

Is anyone really freaking out? Has anyone seriously attacked him over this? I think people just like the novelty of a hearing a president swear. I don’t think anyone actually gives a shit, do they? Is anyone trying make political hay out of this?

The New York Times is famous for not using vulgar language. When they printed the transcription of Nixon’s Watergate tapes, they actually reported that Nixon said “said.”

When asked to defend this policy, The Times responded “The New York Times will only take shit from the President. We will not take it from anyone else.”

that should read “that Nixon said shit.”

My biggest problem isn’t the swearing. I’d be surprised if the President DIDN’T swear. My problem is the total classless, inartful, stupid way he sounds when he’s talking and not “On”. He sounds like an idiot. “Yo, Blair. What are you doing? You Leaving”

I’m embarrased that this idiot represents me and all Americans on the workd stage.

Where are you seeing that? In the story I read this morning, they included a full transcript with the word “shit” included, and in the story Annie-XMas linked to, the word appears quite high in the story. If they didn’t also have a story called “The Sh_t Heard Round the World,” I’d say they were being rather mature.

I just looked and it changed.

I swear is said “s-word_” before. Maybe they read my thread.

I’m just surprised this is even an news story. It’s more “on the lighter side” to me. An awkward, but understandable goof.

He who lives by the S-word shall die by the S-word.

I’ll take “The Sword” for $500, Alex.

Tony Blair is trying to engage Bush in a private discussion on a crisis that some are calling the beginning of WWIII. And Bush is throwing food into his mouth, mutterring inanities with his mouth full, looking like he’s a bit annoyed at the intrusion. Any you have a problem with that? Why do you hate America?

It looks to be like they are off the record, not in any sort of a formal session. Can’t the guy eat?

It looks to be like they are off the record, not in any sort of a formal session. Can’t the guy eat? But it does look like Blair is totally being ignored.

It looks to be like they are off the record, not in any sort of a formal session. Can’t the guy eat? But it does look like Blair is totally being ignored.

Yes, the president said “shit”. Big f’in deal. Considering the circumstances, I’m just relieved he didn’t indulge in a string of expletives directed against Hezbollah, the Lebanese government and the Lebanese populace, Iran, Syria, the French, the Russians, the UN and the Security Council, Kofi Annan, and just for good measure let’s toss in the Israeli soldiers who had the misfortune to let themselves get killed or captured. In any event, that’s pretty much how I’ve been muttering about this mess.

Then again, he probably got a lot of the above swearing out of his system over the weekend.

I’m just surprised that so many people who are supposedly so well schooled in public appearances can forget Rule !.

All microphones are always on.

It’s sort of anagous to “all guns are loaded.”

And in modern times, all TV cameras are taping you so don’t pick your nose.

Yep. It’s not like he’s a Christian or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: