Punta Cana, One of World's Most Pristine Beaches, 1971. CITE!

Here is my quest. In 1971 UNESCO designated the beaches in the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic as one of the World’s Most Pristine. One of my PR clients is using the designation but I haven’t been able to find proof. The UNESCO web site is bewildering, the headquarters are in Paris and my french is non-existent. Google searches turn up plenty of articles but nothing that is actual proof. Libraries aren’t any help either. I know how much dopers like a challenge so there it is. Even suggestions on how to research this would be helpful.

Perhaps because there isn’t any proof? How do you know that this actually occurred, outside of the many Google hits for resorts which are reporting this particular factoid? Just because something is widely reported as a factoid, especially by the tourist industry concerned, doesn’t make it true.

I can’t find anything either; what my guess would be that UNESCO, back in the palmy pre-“World Heritage Site” early 1970s, may have put out some kind of list of “World’s Best Beaches”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything official along the lines of the World Heritage Sites.

The Colonial City of San Domingo is, however, a World Heritage Site.

And anyway, it no longer deserves an appellation of “World’s Most Pristine Beach”. Since it became the fastest growing tourist destination in the Caribbean, solid waste disposal is a problem (think “garbage on the beach”)
And there’s this, FWIW.

That’s why we’re looking. Either we find an accurate source or we put it to rest. Thanks for the input.