Puppy Barf

I don’t want to end up like one of the pet-neglecting jerks from this thread, but I’m not quite convinced I should go to the vet, either.

Eight month-old dachshund puppy (who may or may not look like this) has been throwing up almost every second or third day for the past two weeks. Though she does like eating garbage and things off the street (I discourage this, obviously, and fish it out of her mouth when I notice), the vomit tends to be either milky saliva or pretty much plain dry dog food, with occasional blades of grass.

Other than the puking, she is ‘normal’ (chasing her tail, making weird noises and licking strangers), though quite skinny. I changed her food a few weeks ago (tried to do it gradually but pretty much switched it over two days) – could that be it? The ingredients seem healthy. She does tend to ignore the food for a bit then gobble the stuff down, though.

Any ideas? She’ll be off to the vet to get fixed soon enough and I intend on asking then.

In cases like this, a call to my vet usually takes care of it; he’ll ask me a few questions and either tell me it’s nothing to worry about, or have me bring the problem child in.

Can’t hurt to pick up the phone, if only to set your mind at ease. One thing to remember is that occasional vomiting in dogs is not the traumatic thing for them that it is for us. Her normal behavior is a good sign.

Any new developments?

My dog sometimes eats grass to induce vomiting. I call her my bulimic puppy.

I’ve talked to the vet and she said it’s normal, as long as it doesn’t happen to the point that she’s losing weight or lethargic. She probably just didn’t feel good in her tummy and needed to puke.

Haven’t noticed her doing it lately (though she does – and eats-- plenty in secret). Am taking her to get spayed in a week so I’ll ask about it then. If anything, she’s got too much energy, so I’m not too worried. Except about her eating trash. Or choking on rawhide. I hope she learns to slow down soon…

I hate to say it again but yeah, talk to your vet. It could be a simple matter of the way she eats and changing her bowl, elevating her bowl or adding large clean rocks (too big to eat) to the bowl so that she has to eat around them (this could also be achieved by using a different bowl design) so that she eats more slowly swallowing less air. However there are certain congenital defects* that could cause a regurgitation problem and a vet would know what to look for and could get more info on if that is even a possibility from a more thorough history or it could just be a puppy craziness that she might grow out of (such as eating too fast and swallowing a lot of air).

In the meantime you could keep track of things like what she vomits (is it whole, undigested food?), when she vomits (day, night, after running around like a crazy thing, etc.), how long after eating does she vomit, what she eats, etc. so your vet would have a good complete history.

*Not trying to cause panic, some of these can be minor problems that can be solved by taking extra steps when feeding her or feeding a special diet.

Just popping in to say your puppy is adorable! Also if you give rawhide chews, supervise her chewing. Rawhide is not easily digested and if a large (not even very large) piece gets swallowed, it can cause a blockage of the intestinal tract. This can cause vomiting. I would take her to the vet and let them check her out just to be sure she doesn’t have something wrong.

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