Puppy Problem

We’re dog-sitting a 5 month old puppy for a few weeks. We’ve had him for about 3 now and just yesterday he’s developed diarrhea and today he didn’t finish his food. And now he seems just a bit lethargic. He was at the vet yesterday and (not withstanding the diarreah) he was found to be in excellent health. Up to date on all shots. Vet said to call if stool didn’t get back to normal in a couple of days.

A friend suggested one Pepto Bismal tablet for the diarreah, but now I’m concerned something else might be going on. Any suggestions/ideas? How concerned shoud I be?

Your vet is a better resource than anyone on the board, but I’ll contribute my personal anecdote. Our 5 month-old puppy had the same symptoms, we got the same advice, and she was back to normal in a day with no treatment. Sometimes puppies’ digestive systems don’t work perfectly.

I’ve never heard of giving Pepto Bismol to dogs and I’d be hesitant to administer it without a vet’s recommendation.

Puppies do get diarrhea sometimes. Usually it’s nothing to worry about. Their digestive systems and immune systems are still developing. Keep an eye on him, and if it doesn’t begin to clear up after a day or so, take him back to the vet. I wouldn’t bother with the Pepto.

My suggestion would be to talk to the vet. Pepto Bismol is supposed to be fine for dogs, but I would never dose another person’s dog with it without prior approval of that person’s veterinarian.

Have you changed the puppy’s diet in any way?

Canned pumpkin or sweet potato. Works like a charm and most dogs love the taste.