My dog hasn't pooped in three days because of, I think, antibiotics he's on. Suggestions?

I know I can get an answer easily enough even from the vet’s secretary, but I thought opening it up to GQ would be interesting.

He had some undetermined simple gastroenteritis, and was pooping yellow soup for almost a week. Now he’s in the middle of a Flagyl regimen. The vet did tell me that “what I want to hear tomorrow is that he didn’t poop.”

His belly isn’t taught, and he’s not straining to get anything out. His food intake was severely restricted, and just back to a regular dog food amount.

His breeder, who shows dogs also, that in a pinch and you’re really worried your dog would poop on the strip, you could insert a wooden matchstick in the dog’s butt. Not going to do that unless ordered to…

When my cats are constipated I mix in some canned pumpkin in their food, and/or sprinkle it with some Miralax, depending on the severity of the issue.

Canned pumpkin here, too, for both constipation and diahrrea. Two tablespoons into their meal should help. Anytime our pooch is having digestive issues, we mix in pumpkin and simplify his diet, and that seems to work wonders.


Yay! He pooped! I can’t remember being so pleased to see a well-formed turd.

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Isn’t that weird that it works both ways? I’ve always used it to block them up; the vet says it works both ways, which left me high and dry as to when to use it.

Since the OP is looking for advice, let’s move this to IMHO.

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You could ask Bobby Brown to come over.