anyone use pro-biotics for dogs?

last weekend one of my dogs got really sick, it started with a little diarrhea and by the next day he pooped a fairly significant amount of blood; it was really scary. I took him to the emergency vet and he had to be hospitalized.

he is better now thank goodness but I asked my regular vet about what I could have done or could do in the future before some loose stool turns serious. a friend says give them some pumpkin.

my vet said sometimes pumpkin helps firm things up but she would prefer I use a doggie pro-biotic like Fortiflora which I see I can’t just buy at the store, darn it.

anyone have a recommendation?

FYI - we never figured out what started the problem; all my dogs eat random things they find when we are out walking. I try to keep them from snarfing stuff up!

Both our dogs get a super heaping tablespoon of pumpkin every morning mixed in with their kibble and green beans; they love it, even though there’s no pumpkin spice, whipped cream or flaky, flaky crust. I mean, REALLY! WTH?

For the runs/loose stools: 3 or 4 heaping tablespoons of warmed up rice in each meal for a few days.

missed the edit window…it’s on Amazon so I guess I don’t need to buy it from a vet - but it’s pricey. not as much as the emergency vet, however!

My cat uses Purina Forti-Flora in the cat version. My cat’s underlying condition is chronic though, so I’ve never used it to address a sudden attack of diahrrea. My vet doesn’t hype products so when she recommended it, I went with it.

The cat thinks its tasty, easiest dosing ever.

$22 is for 30 packets (1 per day) – does your vet want you to feed it all the time, or just when you see an attack? If its only when there’s an attack, the box should last you a while. There’s also a $5 rebate:

I do give my dogs a little pumpkin now and then just for a treat. same with apple and baby carrots.
thanks for the rebate link, Hello again.

just on special occasions, when things get loose. my dogs will eat anything,
the Pom threw up an acorn a few weeks ago.

My dogs occasionally get a few bites of plain yogurt, the kind with probiotics in it. They love it! It’s a decent way to hide pills, too.

Second on the pumpkin - my dogs like canned pumpkin, and LOVE baked sweet potatoes.

I should have asked about yogurt…I did ask about human pro-biotics since I have some around and apparently they are different from the ones for dogs.

different microbes!