Puppy! We have a Puppy!

My present to my wife for our first anniversary is a new puppy. She has wanted one for a while, and once I discovered you can litterbox train a small dog, I ran out of excuses.

Since there is a new Kinoons Pup around, I feel compelled to share a picture , like any proud father would.

Congrats on your new master. I can’t seem to access the picture though.

must remember to check that links work after I sign out of my account. :smack:

photos are here…

Oh Good Lord. Is that a halo? Love that puppy-grin.

Puggy-love! How cute! I have to admit I’ve always thought pugs were ugs, but after knowing a few of 'em, their personalities make up for the faces.

Pugs are great dogs! Tons of personality packed into those tiny bodies. Congrats on your new family member.

A PUGGY!!! SQUEEEEEE!!! :smiley: Congratulations!

OK, that made me go “SQUEEEEEEE!” out loud.

I just rolled my eyes at that picture. My internal dialogue was “oh PLEASE, could that puppy get any CUTER?!?!”

Nice pick :slight_smile:

I never post to these cute pet threads but
Yeah, okay, he’s pretty cute. :slight_smile:

I was hoping it’d be a pug! And it’s an especially cute one, too!

Now you’ve gone and put your foot in it. Pugs are highly addictive and you will never want any other kind of dog. Congratulations.

Squeee!!! He is adorable!!!

That is a seriously cute puppy. I think that amount of cuteness is unfair in one puppy.


What she said. How adorable!

Oh my God… that is the cutest damned dog I have seen in ages… shame he’s so depressed though. :wink:

Although my Newf was a killer cute pup- a big, fuzzy football with a face!

Thank you all for praise of Kinoons Pup (aka Baxter). Hes been a total blast. Sit him on the floor and he is a tornado wanting to play, but the moment you pick him up and hold him, he settles down and snuggles.

Who knew a puppy could show so much personality in one picture? Verry cute. Congrats!

What a cutie! Congrats on the new addition to your family!