Purchasing A New FS X Activation Key

If one has purchased a used FS X game and like a dumb-ass didn’t realize he’d need an activation key which works, can a new key be purchased from Microsoft or is one shit out of luck and limited to just playing the trial version?


The Dumb Ass:)

I assume FS X is “flight simulator x”.

Googling your problem brings up a bunch of bootleg versions of it, which is not what you want. I think if I were you, I’d try to call Microsoft and see if you can get a new one directly from them.

Voice: 1-800-Microsoft (642-7676) - This is their number for licenses and general help.

Thanks, Mahaloth, that was my next plan. And my search turned up a bunch of cracks, rar’s (whatever those are) and they all sounded like piracy.

I was just wondering if one could legitimately buy a key from Microsoft online.



I would imagine that if you got a legitimate used copy (as opposed to a bootleg one with a key that’s been used a zillion times), it should be possible for the Microsoft Activation center people to unlock it for you. As far as I know you’re still allowed to sell used software, although I don’t know if it’s sufficiently frowned-upon that you should artfully avoid mentioning it to the call center people.

You can purchase a new copy directly from gamesforwindows.com

It’s digital, so youll get the key right away, and it’s available for download.