Purchasing a PS2....

I am facing a bit of a confilct here. I am wondering, and considering, buying a Playstation 2. I would love to have the console (GT3 is reason enough, and Metal Gear 2 coming soon), but I am afraid that if I bought one this week, I would end up spending around $350-$375 for everything. If I wait until Xbox comes out, what do you guys think the chances are that the PS2 will drop to $250, or even $199? It has gotta compete somehow, and I know that they have a bigger software library than Xbox will at first, but I would rather have brand-new, top of the line hardware, than hardware a year old costing the same amount. I suppose my question is, should I buy now, or wait the month and a half for Xbox to come out, and re-analyze my situation then?

Well, if you aren’t sure, I see no reason not to wait a month and an half. If you think this’ll give you more and better info on which to base a purchasing decision then hold off.

I’ve already got a PS2 and I’m very glad with my decision. I purchased it for three reasons:

  1. My old PS was just about dead and I still wanted to play some of the games.
  2. I didn’t have a DVD player.
  3. I was interested in some of the new games.

Plus all the reports I’ve heard from this years E3 had pretty dissapointing reviews of the XBox.

Just MHO.

I would highly recommend a service plan if you buy it. I am on my second PS2 and a friend it on his third. The hardware problems may have been shaken out by now, but I bought mine only a few months ago and had the tray suddenly stop closing for no reason.

Make sure if there are such problem you can easily get it replaced.

I’d hold off on that purchase awhile yet if I were you. That MicroChannel Architecture spec looks phenomenal but if the rest of the industry ignores what IBM is doing, you could end up with a technology orphan.

(I’ve heard similar things about that “wicked-fast” IIfx I saw you looking at in the showroom, too).

It depends on what games you want to play. I like psx2 games & N64 style games so no Xbox for me.

Even though I don’t give a rat’s ass about most of the games, the hardware or the dvd playing ability, I’ll probably wind up getting one eventually because of the sequel to Xenogears.

Yeah, I hear that. Xenogears was awesome. Anyway, I have been thinking about it. I think I will go ahead and buy one, with a service plan. I think it would be worth the extra$100 (if the price does drop to $200) to play it for the next 6 weeks while I wait for Xbox to come out. I really want to start playing GT3, and I am tired of waiting, so, there!

I’ve got one and love it.

If you like though, maybe wait a few weeks as the X-Box and Gamecube get released. There is a rumor that Sony is going to drop the price.

There is about as much of a chance of the PS2 becoming an orphan as President Bush inviting Osama to the White House for lunch.

I have a PS2 and love it. However, I think there might be a problem with the DVD audio. It seems that the background noise, like the musical score or other things they edit in seem to drown out the dialouge. And when there is no other background sound, I have to turn the volume way up to hear, then the music kicks in and I can’t hear for a couple of days.

Then again, maybe it is my console and no one else has that problem.

I remember Sony saying at E3 that they would drop the price of the PS2 to 249$ to go against the (now) more expensive XBox. I don’t know if it will happen directly on release, but I’m pretty sure it’s happening by Christmas so it looks like a better deal to parents shopping for their kids.

If it’s not urgent, just wait until the price drops.

As a side note, it’s said that the XBox will be a better DVD player, since it’s progressive and all. I havn’t seen the XBox play movies, but the PS2 looks pretty bad compared to regular DVD units.


Make sure you get the GT3 bundle–PS2, controller, and GT3 for $329, essentially saving you $20 off buying GT3 separately.

If Sony does drop the price, they won’t do it until the exact day that the X-Box comes out. They had to take a serious beating in terms of profits for each PS2 sold… however, so far, it seems that their gamble paid off.

As for this…

Correction: All the reports had disappointing reviews for the X-Box games, and the supposed lack (at the time of E3) thereof.

I had been looking at this package, but I had one question. Is the GT3 game in the standard DVD case, with the instructions and everything? I am not sure that I would want it if it is gonna be in a cardboard sleeve or something.

…what does THAT matter?

Usually games bundled with hardware come in proper cases.

“I have a PS2 and love it. However, I think there might be a problem with the DVD audio.”

Buy the new Sony remote with the new dvd drivers, it might be better for you, at $20, worth it too.

Yes the bundled GT3 game comes in its own DVD case w/ instruction and everything. The only difference is the bundled game case is red while the seperate GT3 case is blue. I have the seperate game, my roomie just bought the bundled PS2/GT3. When we race we link them to seperate T.V.s it is much better than racing on the split screen.