Purple Orange?

Hello. I searched through the site but was unable to find an answer to this question. I also searched throughout the internet, likewise my search proved futile.

My dilemma is this: My boyfriend recently bought a navel orange from the grocery store. Upon peeling, he found his orange had turned (or been produced) about 3/4, well, purple. It was a purple orange. Unable to find any answers on the vast internet, I have turned to the straight dope.

Can anyone help me?

Did it taste alright? Was it by any chance a tiny pumello or pink grapefruit?

Might be a hybrid of the Moro orange:

I was sure this was going to be some kind of “words that don’t rhyme” thread…

It could be some kind of blood orange. Those are sort of a dark red/maroon color inside.

And the Moro oranges I’ve had were not as tasty as regular Florida navel oranges.

I once tried to eat some red blueberries.
They tasted like burning.

What a coincidence! I just finished eating a blood orange I got from Harris Teeter. It tasted like a regular orange with a slight difference that I can’t explain. It was very pretty and very delicious, though.

Really? Personally I seek them out. They’re not as sweet as many other varieties of orange, but I really like the sherberty zing.