Holy Bloody Oranges, Batman!

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s take a perfectly good citrus fruit. Make it smaller. Make it the nastiest possible color we can think of. And, make it taste like a bloody car battery.

Oh wait! It’s already been done, and I just had one of these abominations. Anyone who has a very sensitive taste for anything bitter, please, I beg you, do not eat a blood orange. It doesn’t even have a normal orange consistency.

I’ve called for 1200cc of chocolate to be taken orally until the taste subsides. Thank G-d for my big bag of Hershey Kisses.
Blech. Shudder. Kiss.

Yes…I understand perfectly. For the world is filled with citrus, and people who eat citrus. If we control the citrus, we control the world!

Everything is falling into place. Excellent.

This can’t be the same fruit I enjoyed in Sicily - they were bigger than normal oranges, sweet and juicy beyond words, and they’d stain your clothing in a heartbeat. THOSE were blood oranges!!

I’m with you, FCM. The one I tried was the color of sangria, just the right amount of sweetness and a great orange flavor.
[sub]BTW, did you think this was going to be in reference to a certain other thread?[sub]

[sub]yeah, I feared a reference elsewhere…

I have never tried a blood orange, and because of that certain thread, I never will.

Hi, magdalene!

the blood oranges in Sicily were GREAT! Maybe you just got fruit from a tree in need of proper fertilizing…fertalizing…nutrients. I have had wonderful grapefruit from a tree one year, and awful stuff the next.

Don’t write off blood oranges on one bad apple.

[sub]I can’t speel fer shite tody[/sub]

later, Tom.

Boy, at first, the reference went right over my head. Then magdalene’s words echoed through my mind again. Jeesh.

As a pastry chef, I love blood oranges. When you have good blood oranges, you have a lovely colored juice, a nice sweetness, and a raspberry note to the flavor that helps tie in with many other flavors.

Blood Orange Mimosas are also quite nice on a winter Sunday morning. Yum.

Okay, maybe I just had a bad one, but dear G-d was it terrible. This was my first experience with these blood oranges, and perhaps the color threw me off from the begining.

What’s this other thread that people keep refering to? Can I get link?

If you really want to know, Simetra, check out magdalene’s post– I think it’s the fifth one down. Consider yourself warned, though. Only stout-hearted women fare very well in that thread.