Putin photo on front page of March 2 NY Times compared to 1984 Apple commercial

If there was a better thread to append this to, I didn’t see it in a quick scan.

Times story on Putin announcing new (fantasy?) missle:

1984 Apple ad:

I remember that commercial. And I bought my first MAC in 1985.

My guess is the (failing) NYT recognized the similarity and purposely used that picture.

But the Mac ad was 34 years ago. Why would anyone pick out a picture because it reminds them of a 34-year old ad? I’m chalking this up to eerie coincidence.

It’s one of the most famous TV commercials ever made. It’s even more iconic than the movie adaptations of 1984.

Its a guns v. butter sort of thing. Russians are good at aggressive and invasive cyber, not so hot on graphics and vids.

That was my first thought when I saw that photo.

That supposed nuclear-powered missile sounds like a ripoff the American Project Pluto from the 1960s.

Has Russia announced the Doomsday Device yet?

I’m not familiar with the apple add but it certainly has the “Big Brother” vibe about it.

But somewhat less on point, since the original was devoid of a hopeful ending. (Relevant part starts at 2:10.)

Somehow, the thought of hearing Vlad say “We have always been at war with Eastasia” would be slightly disconcerting.