I'm a PC

I’ve been using Macs for a few years now, and I often become irritated with the PC at the office; but that’s still a pretty good commercial, aiming for the heart of Apple’s hipper-than-thou attitude.

Thom Yorke aside, I think this is a bit more concise.

Aw, even with like, 96% of market share, it’s still so easy to hurt PC’s feelings.

At first I was going to ask if that was really John Hodgman at the beginning of the ad (the guy who plays PC in the US Mac commercials) but I see it’s just a “clone” of him.

It threw me for a minute because I would have assumed that the first line of his Apple contract reads “YOU WILL NOT EVER AGREE TO WORK WITH MICROSOFT!!”

I wonder if they’re going to get a David Mitchell clone for the UK ads :smiley:

levdrakon, that’s what I don’t get about this ad. It makes Microsoft seem scared of Apple, when they have absolutely no reason to.

Even if Apple had the better ads, they aren’t going to be a real threat to Microsoft’s dominance any time soon. Fighting back at them now makes you wonder just how confident they are in their future products.
After several years of rather boring commercials which didn’t matter much since they were just as dominant then, Microsoft went with a highly-publicized new campaign featuring two well-known people. Those ads were bizarre, mildly funny, never mentioned their product, but did at least get people talking. They also appeared to be heading toward a narrative, if very slowly. It also had the tagline, “Perpetually Connecting” for PC.

Then they cut those short and go with their alternate campaign that directly responds to their tiny competitor. And they go with their risible slogan. Finally, they claim this was their plan all along.

The fake Hodgman is a Microsoft employee- all of the Microsoft employees in the ad (including Bill Gates) are identified with a “@windows.com” e-mail address next to them.

Nah. Apple’s trying to pigeon-hole PC users as dull witted corp-bots. It seems reasonable for MS to call bullshit, which is all I think this ad is doing.

The Seinfeld ad was a different story - I couldn’t wrap my brain around that.

(FTR, I’m neither a PC nor a Mac.)

It’s not very wise of Mac to play hardball with PC anyway, given that Microsoft owns a sizable stake in it anyway.

That’s a great ad. This might be the first time ever (I am no historian of Microsoft advertising) that they do a commercial that is witty and smart and to the point.

I might agree that it breaks the rule about top companies not mentioning the wannabes, though. You never see a BMW commercial comparing themselves to Hyundai. They have now acknowledged the competition, that means they see them as such.

Still, a great ad and a welcome change form the Seinfield super flop (WTF were they thinking?)

I’m a Mac user, and I thought this was a pretty effective ad. I was never a big fan of the “I’m a Mac/I’m a PC” ads, and I think this is a pretty good (if not terribly timely) response.

Supposedly, the ad was actually made on a Mac, which is, of course, pretty meaningless, since who really cares what the ad agency used, but it’s still kind of funny at the same time, if it’s true.

A common belief, but untrue. In 1997, Microsoft purchased 150,000 shares of non-voting stock, which at the time, if it had even been voting stock, would have only given them about 0.04% control of the company. They’ve since sold off all of that stock, and currently own about 0.0046% of Apple through a Private Capital Management fund (as of late last year; I’m not sure if that’s changed since then, but they most certainly do not, nor have they ever, owned a “sizable stake” in the company).

I kind of feel bad for the individuals in that commercial. That’s nothing to be proud of. It’s kind of like stating “I drive a Ford Taurus!”

Well, at least they could be fair:

I write computer viruses and malware, and I’m a PC.
I send 1 billion spam emails per day, and I’m a PC.
I’m a stalker, and I’m a PC.
I run a child pornography ring, and I’m a PC.
I’m a South American drug lord, and I’m a PC.

All they’re saying is virtually everyone uses a PC, whether they save puppies or run a repressive dictatorship.

Precisely. That’s the point of the “I’m a Mac” ads. It’s to differentiate their OS from the sheep.* Everyone already knows what a PC can do, and what it’s prone to. Not so with the Mac.
*no offense to PC users, I understand most people don’t give a rats ass about a stupid operating system, because no matter what you use, you can use it to get your shit done.

I use a PC and drive a Hyundai, which was mentioned above. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of either and am confused as to why someone would “feel bad” for me because of my choice of car or computer.

Because you use a PC and drive a Hyundai, and you don’t know why this is bad! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Because the people in the commercial seem to be boasting/proud over the fact they use Windows, when in fact it’s pretty average, ubiquitous and mundane.

I didn’t take it that way. To me it was more like, ‘I’m [artistic/successful/heroic/whatever] and PCs are good enough for me, so they should be good enough for you – unless you’re some sort of poseur.’

Windows XP desktop, Mac OS 10.5 laptop.

Ah yes - Deepak Chopra


Yeh, I gotchya. I even said that no matter what OS you use, you can do what you need/want to do on it. Big deal, everyone knows this.

The difference comes in style and implementation. There are reasons why the Mac guy comes off as a smug ass. Because he thinks Windows “is” boring, bloated, cumbersome and prone to attacks because of its popularity. Macs “are” interesting, innovative, feel and look better, are of better quality, and are easier to use. If you don’t care about style and implementation (read: good design), then Macs just look superfluous, and Justin Long looks like a smug, condescending ass.

DISCLAIMER: Those aren’t necessarily my opinions, I was simply stating what the “I’m a Mac” character is trying to say.