My irrational dislike for some commercials.

Commercials that grate on my nerves. Its not rational, I know. But I really can’t stand them.

For some reason the “People who know use BDO” commercial makes me want to smack the woman speaking in the face. I think its just the smarmy look on her face when she says “Your partner’s already on it.”

This may just be locally shown but the Sonic commercials where they show two people in a car talking about how good the food is…ugh. The first one I saw had a kid and his mom and they were ok. Then they switched to two older guys and the hate began. Now they have a guy and his wife/girlfriend. I don’t know why but I hate those commercials so badly I refuse to eat at Sonic and theres one less than a mile from my house.

The progresso soup commercials where people call on a soup can to the progresso factory asking for their grandmother. Because you see, the soup is so good its like granny used to make. I can’t get my head around it. You just opened a can of soup and heated it…what makes you think your grandma made it? My grandma used to make soup too, but she never canned it.

Almost every commercial for some kind of medication. Especially viagra and the like. They always say “Ask your doctor i you should take XXXX”. Um, wouldn’t my doctor know if I should be taking it in the first place. I especially chuckle at the part where they all say side effects may be growing another head, blindness or heart attacks, etc. Geez…why would I want to take the stuff?

On the flipside I like the Jack Links Beef Jerky commercials with Sasquatch. Guess I’m easily entertained. :slight_smile:

I have an irrational dislike for almost all commercials. I try to dvr everything I regularly watch so I can watch them later with no commercials. If I get trapped into watching live TV, I will often change channels rather than sit through a commercial break, sometimes not even bothering to check back in on the original program. I will sometimes use the ‘last’ button on the remote to watch two programs at once, but if they both go to commercials at the same time I will wander off somewhere else.

I personally abhor any commercial where babies talk. It’s not cute, it’s disturbing. I also have an irrational dislike for commericals where kids tell off their parents, or act bratty (like the one where the teen refuses to eat the "pie-ella’’). Nothing makes me want to buy a product less than seeing it make a kid act like a jerk.

There’s one for a gasoline/convenience store chain called Sheetz that has a dreamy love song to the store as the soundtrack. It is the most vomitable thing to ever enter my ear canals. When I hear it begin, “I think I’m dreaming…”, I can’t hit the mute button fast enough. If Sheetz was the only gas station for miles, I’d run out of gas and walk before I’d stop there, just because of that godawful commercial.

Especially when the ad is making the claim that their product placates the kids. Like, “Your kid a brat? Buy 'em our product and they’ll sorta behave for a few minutes!” What a terrible, terrible underlying moral.

The ad campaign that bugs me most lately is Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads. They bother me because they’re putting words in their “opponent’s” mouth, which strikes me as ludicrously distasteful and underhanded.

My current least favorite is for the Toyota Camry where the long distance boyfriend drives the 400 mile trip to see his girlfriend every weekend for something like 2 years. Then she says something like “isn’t it great to be able to rely on something?”

Know what’s also great? Giving him a break every once in a while and traveling to see HIM. Yeah, it’s awesome to let your boyfriend spend 12 hours on the road every flippin’ weekend.

I suppose that wasn’t really the point of the commercial, but as someone who’s in a long distance relationship, I can only see that angle and the girlfriend sounds incredibly selfish to me. Even if the guy offered to do it, that doesn’t mean you have to take him up on it.

You mean the one that has the fat guy walking into the store and blowing kisses to all the workers?
The song then goes on to say “when I’m with you I feel the love…It’s LIKE A GIFT FROM ABOVE!!!”

Something that occurred to me today: I’ve never seen an ad for Mac that didn’t consist of them saying that PC’s suck, are prone to crashes and almost constant attacks by viruses, and are almost impossible to learn to use. I have never seen Mac run an ad that said anything about their own product or it’s features.

Another commercial that’s been griping me lately has been the one for T-Mobile which includes a woman who says she doesn’t want a phone contract that costs her “one of these” (holds up a mannequin’s arm) “and one of these” (holds up a mannequin’s leg). Then she explains, “That’s an arm … and a leg” for the benefit of those of us who don’t recognize an arm and a leg when we see them. No shit, I thought that was a liver and a spleen.

Yeah like the cell phone commercial were the kid tells off her father, “maybe if I had better service I could have called to tell you I was going to be late.” WHAT!?!?! In my house that wouldn’t have been a problem because you’d no longer have a phone and no longer be late.

Yes, that’s the one. If I had one wish it would be that everyone, from the guy that sings it to whoever wrote it to the ad buyers who put it within earshot of me, would all die horrible, lingering, painful deaths in front of their loved ones.

Well, Apple DOES occasionally point out stuff Macs do, but even then they often frame it like PCs can’t do the same tasks. I’m particularly reminded of one of the early “I’m a Mac” ads suggesting that PCs can only do black-and-white spreadsheets out of the box.

And, yeah, that TMo ad drives me nuts, too. I actually meant to post that, but couldn’t remember the company it was for.

I don’t understand the message that Dos Equis is trying to send. Stay thirsty? Must not be much of a beer if it doesn’t quench one’s thirst.

I do like the most interesting man in the world though.

“His reputation is expanding faster than the universe. He once had and awkward moment just to see how it feels. He lives vicariously through himself.”

He can disarm you with his looks…or his hands. Take your pick.

Aw Gawd YES! I even thought about, ever so lightly, of getting a Mac before I saw those commercials. They don’t say ANYTHING about tje features o Macs, they just try to make the PC guy look like an idiot.

Well, that’s the joke. It tastes just like Grandma’s soup so people are assuming that their grandma canned it up and sent it over. Not horribly clever, but soup commercials aren’t really supposed to be witty. They’re supposed to make you chuckl quietly and send you on your way.

But what I hate about it is the “talking over the soup can” part. It’s completely random and doesn’t have anything to do with the rest of the commercial. It really felt like there was a pitch meeting where one guy presented “soup can phone” and another presented “thought grandma made the soup” and an exec said “screw it, let’s put them together.”

The stupid part is that Sonic ads are shown here as well, but the closest location is 50 miles away. I’m not driving an hour for fast food.

I’m getting a little sick of the MAC commercials. They’re comparing themselves to software and not other machines which are generally cheaper so it’s not really a good comparison (insert apples to oranges remarks here).

That’s why I love the ones with the smarmy guy who dicks around with the kids “Well you never asked about a real pony” :slight_smile:

They must be on sabbatical but i hate the AFLAC duck/goose/turkey, grating on the ears, bad, dumb, annoying, too stupid to be silly, repetitive, ridiculous, made my FIL laugh so it figures…