Putting my kitty on death row (CKD)

This week, I’ve made the agonizing decision to put Meatbag, killer and provider of leaves, anchor of open newspapers, and terrorizer of vets, on kitty death row. It pains me, and I have times when I want to change my mind, but I think it’s the right thing.

My parents called last Thursday to tell me that Meatbag was not doing well and that I should come home. To her utter disgust and fury, I took her to the vet, where she was too feeble to actually maim anyone but gave it her all (she’s one of those cats with a big red sticker on her chart that means, danger, homicidal and does not take prisoners). The next day, the vet called and said that Meatbag was in severe chronic kidney failure. I talked to one of the vets at work, who said that her numbers meant that she had less than 5% kidney function left and could be expected to live 4-5 months at most.

Friday evening, I went home and brought the Meatbag out to the country to stay with me and the Silly Cat (who adopted me last fall). This went over like a turd in a punchbowl, to quote a friend. Meatbag HATES cars, almost as much as she HATES going to the vet. Nevertheless, to the country she came, and I have been doing subcutaneous fluids twice a day for almost a week.

The fluids have perked Meatbag up quite a bit, although she is still weaker and creakier than I remember her. She could probably be maintained on fluids for a while. She is enjoying life out in the country being doted on, and Silly Cat and Meatbag quickly came to a mutual agreement to avoid and ignore each other as much as possible.

However, I will be moving back to my parents’ to go back to school in a month. If I were to bring the Meatbag back with me, it would mean another hour-long car ride, plus repeated trips in the car (eek) to the vet (double uck) for rechecking bloodwork, check-ups, and the final, miserable trip to send her to the Litter Box in the Sky.

I have decided (more or less) to send her up to be with Og in a few weeks while we are still living in the country. One of the vets from the practice where I work and a friend who is a small animal tech can come to the house here and euthanize her at home in a familiar environment, instead of making her last half hour filled with dread and terror. I am pampering her as much as possible to make her last weeks happy, and I will bury her on a dear friend’s farm up here where I can come “visit”.

It pains me so much to lose her, the cat that I have had since I was a young girl, especially when in theory she might survive as long as until the new year, but I know that she does not know she is on death row and does not know the life she will be missing. Intellectually, I know it isn’t fair to make her soldier on and deprive her of the opportunity for a peaceful death, but the emotional little girl in me wants to hold on to her for every last possible minute.

I have to say I don’t understand those who want to play God. I am given the choice, nay, the responsibility, to play God with the animals I am responsible for, and nothing weighs more on my conscience this month.

Go hug your kitties extra tightly for me; I will be here doing the same.

Yes, I know the rule about cat threads, but I don’t have a picture of Meatbag online at the moment.


You’re incredibly caring to want to give her a few more good weeks instead of several drawn-out months. I’ve never had to put a pet to sleep (my only deceased pet so far had a rather unpleasant demise) but with a current tally of two dogs and a cat, I hope I have the strength not to try and keep them around for a few months longer purely for my own benefit when they clearly wouldn’t want to be here. I admire you a lot for having the courage and presence of mind to give Meatbag a dignified death. Best wishes to you and your owner-cats.

You already know fully well that I know exactly what you’re going through. My sympathies.

My housemate is going through exactly the same thing, though she doesn’t have a deadline breathing down her neck.

It’s a lot of work to keep a kitty going under those circumstances. Clearly, you are a good kitty mommy.


That really sucks. I cried like a baby when my hamster, Glucklick, died. It’s crazy how attached we can get to those little balls of fur who claim us as their own. Give Meatbag an extra scratch on her favorite spot for me.

Meatbag is an awesome kitty name. It sounds like you are trying to do what is in her best interest, it is a tough decision to be sure, but the right one. If you could only perhaps include a photo of Meatbag, so that we can all oh, ah and squee.

I am sorry to hear of your impending loss. It is a deep sadness when we lose a beloved pet. It is doubly hard when we have to make a choice that seems wrong, but is the best for our loved animals.

Nothing I can say will make this easier for you, but I will send supporting thoughts your way.

I think you’re making the right decision. My Whitey had kidney problems, and I held on to him as long as I could…sometimes I think too long. Give Meatbag the best couple of weeks a kitty ever had!

I am so sorry about your cat and your upcoming loss. It’s a hard decision to make, but in the end it’s the right one. My heart goes out to you.


I always hate reading threads like this, cuz I know I’ll end up having to do this to my cats eventually.

I’m sorry; I know how hard it is.

You may not know full well, but I too know exactly what you’re going through (though my Max was the gentlest of souls, which made it easier in some ways and harder in others).

May Meatbag’s last weeks be filled with whatever rocks his boat. My sympathies. :frowning:

It’s the toughest decision any pet owner faces, and no time ever seems right. You’re doing good by Meatbag, though. Quality of life is far more important than a few months more. Savor those weeks you still have with her.

We said goodbye a couple of years ago to our kitty, Mew (sorry for the messed up border), after treating her for 5 years for her CRF, so I know how devastatingly hard this is for you.

I wish her a peaceful and painless passing.

Our newest kitty, Emma, and I send our kitty scritches to you and Meatbag.

All the fuzzies and I send our sympathy - you have made a very difficult decision but put Meatbag’s interests first. I hope the last weeks you have together are wonderful ones. You’ll be in my thoughts.

Thank you for all of your kind thoughts. I apologize that work has been getting in the way of SDMB surfing.

All right, I managed to dig up some pics from several years ago.

The Meatbag in repose
Meatbag and her partner in crime, Flealoaf, after a relaxing hit of catnip.

Our living room airspace was invaded, but we feared not, for Flealoaf was on the lookout.
Taking a break from the tough duties of defending the Free World.

OK, so their “real” names are Tiger and Laura. What can I say, I named them when I was small, and my dad happened to come up with more creative names.

All of us (furry and not so furry) from the Wonderland household are sending sympathy and good thoughts. I’m sure Meatbag would appreciate all the care and concern your giving her if kitties understood that sort of thing.

Give her an extra canoodle from me.

Give her a little rub under the chin from the gang:


Evil, Fat Scarlett

Bear - aka “Shithead”

and the undisputed king of the house - Cuervo

They’re all getting a nice “do nothing Sunday” from me, which means more attention for them.

You’re in our thoughts.

What a crappy thing to have to go through. Bummer. Meatbag will always have a special place in your heart. You’re doing the right thing, painful as it is.