Putz meaning, proper usage?

On the smilies, what does “putz” (mean, please? What does it mean if you include it in your post? And–just curious, I have no specific objection–how did this ;j ethnicity/religion get unique representation on the smilie chart?

putz is, AFAIK, a yiddish word meaning penis. It was often used as a mild rebuke by one of the popular posters at the board, WallyM7. The smilie was created to commemorate him. The smilie can be used to mean something link “don’t be so dense” or “how could you say such a silly thing?” It is a personal attack which is normally not allowd in a non BBQ Pit forum, but it is also a smilie, which should indicate humour, so we have allowed it other fora besides the BBQ Pit.

Why do we have an orthodox jewish smiley? Because one of our posters proposed it, the staff thought it was a neat idea, an orthodox jewish poster submitted the artwork, and we added it. There has been discussion lately on the appropriateness of that smiley since it’s our only “ethnic” smiley.

Why not just add a “whitey?”

Oh, right. Maybe not.




(or at least a truly EVIL grin - :smiley: is too ambiguous)

Thanks, Arnold, for reply, and I’ll second happyheathen, but not if it slows down the board.