Smilies question and observations

Why do we have: ;j It never seems to be used. Heck, I am not exactly sure what it means. Happy orthodox jewish man? What is it’s purpose? I get rolleyes and sir smacks alot, but how would you use it? Time for him to go.

Also, what is with the blow up doll smilie: :o I would be embarrassed to use it to show embarassment.

Also why is Putz blinking at me-- do you dislike me and think I am a putz, or are you coming on to me? :wally If anything, the mad face should have the “putz”.

Unaboard has some nice smilies- check it out.


The Jewish smilie was created back in the day when some long-time posters -who are Jewish, surprise :)- said they could use a Jewish smilie every now and then. We don’t do requests that often anymore, but check ATMB periodically for smilie polls.

The putz-smilie has a wink because Wally (the Original PutzMeister) used it both in earnest and in jest.

Thanks Coldie!!


I was going to start a new thread, but this one will do.

In this thread:

You have a couple people using the “Putz” icon, and you know, normally this kind of thing doesn’t bug me, bot for some reason this thread pushed me over the edge.

I hate smilies for exactly this reason. I hate seeing someone insult someone else and then tack on a smiley as if that makes it all okay. I realize there’s some people out there who need smilies, for whatever reason - I don’t use them, but whatever other people do is fine with me.

However, the Putz smilie really bugs me. 99% of the time there is no smiling involved. It’s an insult. Having the little face wink doesn’t make it less so in most cases. For me, this icon pretty much embodies everything I hate about them in the first place.

It seems to me that if we truly need a “putz” icon, why not just have the word balloon saying “putz”? Then you can put a winking smily in front of it if you’re just joshin’ with someone, a mad one if you’re not, and in either case you also won’t cause a big ol’ double space when you use it, since it can be lower down at the smilie level.

Hm, assemble-yourself smilies… Sort of like a Mr. Potato Head. I like it. The purpose of smilies, of course, is to convey emotions not obvious in text, and mix-and-match smilie components would allow for more flexibility in the range of emotions.