PVP Online especially funny today!

LOLBat brings teh funny!

The strip has been pretty stale for awhile, IMO, but this one made me giggle.


What about the ones with Skull and [del]Calvin[/del] Kevin?

LOLBat was pretty good, as a one-off decent idea with all the obvious ways to use it. But the strips certainly haven’t become stale lately. Some of the recent ones were pretty awesome, especially in that most of characters have had major life changes (two of them even being so altered that they are drawn differently). The wedding got milked too long, but the unexpected aftershocks are very clever.

Super lame. Internet acronyms aren’t funny by themselves and are rarely funny in general.

A loser is you.

Personally, I’m not that into Skull, so those didn’t really do it for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve found PvP funny as opposed to diverting. It’s something I check out when things are slow at work, but I don’t make a point of keeping up.

This raises the inevitable question: Who would win? Lolbat or Rawrbat?

I’ve loved PVP about forever. But Kurtz lost me when his characters started spewing spittle whenever they got excited. And the last two or so story arcs (PVP staff does paintball, then Brent & Jade’s wedding) have completely sucked. I feel like since Jan 08 has been done with PVP and really isn’t interested in it any more.

To be fair, that kid hath a lithp.

Does Brent have lisp?
Or Francis?
There’s several strips with Cole spittling as well, but I haven’t dug up a sample. I feel like the characters should be shouting, “thuffering thuckatash!”

Well I’ve never seen that strip before, but it had me LOL’ing too. :wink:

Whoops, got my webcomics mixed up