what was the goal of the game Q*bert?

To change the colors of all the blocks of the pyramid by jumping on them, and avoiding the enemies or jumping off the edge of the pyramid. Certain levels require you to only jump once on each block to change it to the requisite color, others require you to jump on the blocks more than once to change the color, and on some levels, the blocks will change back to the original color if you jump on it a second time, making turning the entire pyramid the same color much more difficult. If one of the bad guys jumps on you, you lose one of your Q*berts.

Or did you mean this in a more metaphysical, ‘what’s the meaning of life’ kind of way?

no, I simply wanted the rules for the game.


That is too simple for the Straight Dope captainQ! :wink:

On a lark I did a quick search and I found this great article from the programmer of the original Q*bert:


It is a fun read! You can also find how Q*bert got his (her? It?) name.

Check also the Onion’s interview with the designer: Jeff Lee:


The goal? To create the perfect Quarter swallowing monster!

Ah, Q*bert.

For full rule of the home version, see here.

I have the Board Game version.

And could kick serious butt in the arcade version. Coily was an oily snake bastard and regularlly fell to his doom, Slick and Sam went splat beneath my feet more often than i could count, Ugg and Wrong Way could never touch me! Go Green Balls!
But i was even better at Dig Dug.

I remember there being a bug in the programming for Q*bert, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. I just remember something going wrong once in awhile when I played it. Anyone else recall that?