Q re dial-up and the SDMB

I have an internet dial-up, on my phone line that has a voice-mail, and I’ve noticed something odd.

If I’m surfing and get a voice-message, it normally doesn’t have any effect on the internet connexion. The caller leaves a message and I keep surfing, no problem.

Except for the SDMB - once the caller leaves a message, the SDMB suddenly gets real slow, sometimes timing out on me. I can go to the Straight Dope homepage and other sites, but the SDMB stops working. So I log off, listen to my voice-messages, dial-up again, and the SDMB works fine.

It’s not a major problem or anything, but can any of you techno-wizards explain why this happens?

I can’t explain it, except to say that sometimes the SDMB times out and acts really slow on its own, with no external help. I can think of no reason that a normally harmless activitiy would have special meaning when you are surfing the SDMB.

A reply! someone replied! :eek:

As I watched my question drift inexorably downwards, I found myself wondering if I was on everyone’s “ignore” list.

To elaborate, in response to Derleth’s comment: it’s not the normal slowing down and timing out. It’s got to the point where I can tell from the SDMB’s behaviour if someone’s just called and left a message.

Hm. That is odd, and I cannot explain it if it doesn’t affect any other Internet activity. Packets don’t know where they’re going, so to speak, when they leave your PC. They need to be interpreted by various routers along the way to get them going in the right direction, like mail in a postal system. So saying that someone dialing up to leave a voicemail message only affects packets going to the SDMB makes little sense: Your machine has no idea where individual packets end up. It just leaves it to the programs to address them and ships them out. A packet is a packet at the hardware level, completely unrelated to anything that has gone before or since. It’s up to the software to make sense of them, and your browser shouldn’t care about voicemail.

What happens if you go to another message board running vBulletin? Do you experience the same thing that happens with the SDMB?
A list of other vBulletin boards

Arnold, you wouldn’t be hinting, oh so delicately, that I should forego the SDMB for the myriad other vB boards, would you? :eek:

[Rev. Lovejoy]Ned, have you considered trying any of the other major religions? They’re all much the same, you know…[/Rev. Lovejoy]

I’ve only been on the SDMB, so don’t have any idea if it would happen while sampling the delights of those other boards.

No, perish the thought! This is till the best MB on the 'net. I was suggesting that you determine if the problem is with the SDMB in particular or with vBulletin in general.