Q: Temporary Internet Files

Where do temporary internet files wind up on the “C” drive? Please provide the path for the obvious place(s) to check.


Are you using IE6? If you are go to Tools, Internet Options, General Tab. In the Temp Internet Files section click on Settings then View Files. That will take you right to the folder your looking for.
If all you want is the path… On my computer it’s
C:\Documents and Settings*Joey P*\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

If you’re using IE you might want to read this.

On Windows 95 and 98 machines, the location is C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files; on newer M$ OSes (2000, XP, etc.) the location is where JoeyP indicated, with appropriate changes for names. C: is of course the default hard drive where one’s OS resides, unless you have changed your hard drive settings around or are using a compressed drive.

BTW, while pages that you go back to frequently (like the Straight Dope and Google) are partially loaded from here (it being a cache for those things), stuff you looked at once and never plan going back to (like a news story from the Boise Daily Press you followed someone’s link to) can be cleaned out of there, with consequent hard-drive space savings and often faster queue loading.

BTW, Win 2000/XP will often not let you “see” those files, just the directory, if you try to navigate there.

And while we’re at it, how come we always end up with a whole bunch of different folders within Temporary Internet Files (with names such as Q4XTAAS and 4WWHST and so on) that some seem to contain the same things and some seem to contain nothing? Is it from opening different browser windows?