Is that acronym supposed to be always intended as sarcasm here?
As in - holding out someone’s quote for its stupidity, for all to see and duly take note of?


I see it used sincerely much more often than not.

I don’t spend a lot of time in the Pit and even less in GD, so I usually see this used non-sarcastically. In other words, the poster using it agrees exactly with the quoted material.

In my experience it’s almost always used to indicate strong agreement.

Yeah, I always use it to indicate complete agreement, no sarcastic edge to it at all. I’ve never thought of it as having such an edge but of course when someone replies with the acronym alone as is often the case it’s impossible to know just how it’s being used.

Could you possibly link to posts where you think it was used sarcastically?

Thanks for all the responses!

Unfortunately my search-fu, for the last ten annoying minutes, has not lived up to its usual legendary status, but I do remember this urban dictionary offering:

ok maybe an uncouth example, perhaps.:stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, I always thought that meant Quite Fucking True. Not a million miles away, granted.

I did, too, until I saw somebody here spell it out.

It never occurred to me that it could mean “quoting in case you change it,” but that actually makes more sense.

That’s not typically how it’s used on SDMB. It’s an intensifier, saying “I agree with what this person wrote, adding weight to the strength of the answer.” I’ve never seen it used here in that manner; since we only have a 5 minute edit window it would be pretty pointless.


That’s not what urban dictionary says.

It appears that this definition is unique to you.:wink:

I was aware of it, just not 100% sure how much precedence it had, here, over the definition stated in post #7.


Checking urban dictionary further, I do find the definition you mention, but virtually all the other definitions say QFT means you agree with the post. And even the definition you mention doesn’t indicate sarcasm, just documenting what someone said for future reference.

UD is user-edited, without references, so any idiotic definition can get in if it gets enough upvotes. Even made-up shit like “donkey punch”.
I don’t think I’ve ever encountered QFT used in anything other than a sincere manner.


You big nerd.

Did I do it right?