QI N Series, now hosted by Sandi Toksvig

If you haven’t seen it, I have great news. She’s terrific and a great successor to Stephen Fry, who I would gladly welcome back if he chose to return.

She was fun, funny, interacted great with the guests, and did a great job hosting.

It’s on Youtube if you want to see it, but I can’t really confirm if this upload of it is legal. Google certainly hasn’t pulled it down and it has been there 48 hours or so.

Thoughts? How do you feel about her as a host?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but based on her radio appearances, Sandi seems to be one of the wittiest and funniest woman out there.

I had to agree when Alan said something, Sandi came back with some obscure fact, and Alan laughed and said, “You’'re sitting in the right chair.”

Though we’ll all miss Stephen. I wonder if he’ll be on as a guest someday.

Yeah, a pretty seamless transition between hosts, I thought.

If only they would replace Alan, or at least edit out his inane 30 second “riffs” of shouting stupid voices. He is far less funny than he seem to think he is.

But yeah, totally seamless on the host change.

No, Alan is funnier than he realizes. Which fits with his personna, except when it doesn’t.

I like Alan a lot and am glad he stayed on the show after Stephen left. I do agree with the idea that Rhod Gilbert would make a good replacement if they did need to. Sandi had a lot of fun with Rhod in the last episode.

And it’d be nice to have a Scottish guy, anyway.


I agree about Alan Davies. I imagine the whole show takes at least an hour or more to film - a lot probably is pretty boring and so gets thrown out. But it seems that the producers want Alan Davies mugging and gurning for the camera, and Stephen Fry coming out (ooo-err!) with his gay, single-entendres.

If you would like to hear a semi-serious version of the show, there is a BBC radio program call The Museum of Curiosity. It is hosted by John Lloyd (Producer of QI) with a comedy sidekick, and they interview 3 people - usually 2 scientist/explorer/researcher types and one other comedian/performer/celebrity. They talk about interesting things, but the focus is on the science and facts, with the humour just being a nice addition.

It’s made by the same team who did QI, and they often refer to it. But it is a much better show.

Tonight’s was very funny, I thought. I think Corey from Slipknot is probably the most random guest the show has ever had, but he was fine. Also, Alan was great, he seems much more relaxed with Sandi in the hot seat.

I thought Rhod was Welsh?

He kept confusing Denmark with other Scandinavian countries so Sandy kept referring to him as Scottish.