Quads, lats, biceps, triceps, glutes, abs, traps,...Popeye muscles??

This is a poll. If I just wanted the answer I’d probably be able to find it after a bit of Googling, but I’m curious to know if I’m unusually ignorant on this particular subject or if most other people who have just a standard casual acquaintance with the names of muscles also dont’ know the names for the muscles of the forearm. There’s one set that flexes the wrist, and an opposing set that extends the wrist.

The cartoon character Popeye was always drawn with skinny unimpressive biceps and narrow shoulders but massively impressive muscles of the forearm, which is probably accurate for sailors (a whole lot of gripping and pulling of things held tightly in the hand x sufficient daily experience = strong forearm muscles, yes?

OK, name 'em. Or confess your ignorance.

flexors carpii and extensors carpii…

…if I recall my high school biology/anatomy

As in “carpal tunnel”, I guess. OK, I’ll buy that.

In answer to one of your questions, yes, daily use of the hands for gripping, twisting, and turning of things will give you big forearms. It can also give you epicondylitis (tennis elbow.) When I was a janitor, I mopped, swept, emptied trash cans, and washed walls. I had admirable forearms. Not Popeye or Mark McGwire, but very nice. Now that I’ve restarted my workouts, they’re starting to look good again.

When I was a wee lad, Popeye was my hero. I have a belt buckle with a picture of Popeye, and the slogan, “Strength Through Spinach.”

Which ones? There are about 100 different muscles in the lower arm, most of which have similar names and similar functions. Did you know that extending your wrist with your elbow straight uses a slightly different group of muscles from extending your wrist with your elbow at 90[sup]o[/sup]?

Most of the stuff I read refers to two groups, the wrist extensors and the wrist flexors. That seems to work pretty well.

What ultrafilter said. Unless you’re studying anatomy, flexors and extensors should be sufficient.

Oh, yes, the poll. I had blown the dust off Gray’s Anatomy, but then I realized you meant “did I already know the muscles’ names?” No, I didn’t

I should know the names because 1) my forearms are disportionately huge (enough that I’m a little self-conscious about them) from years of rowing and 2) I have a thing called “compartment syndrome” that makes them get even bigger when I row. But I gotta admit I’m ignant…

Just for the curious, here’s an overview of the major wrist extensors and flexors.