Quail Egg Serving Suggestions

I bought a ten-pack of quail eggs for $1.25 at the farmers’ market. I figured the price was low enough I couldn’t really go wrong.

Now I need to actually cook and eat them. On top of salads? The finishing touch on top of a fancy stack-o’-food? (I’ve got a ring mold I’m dying to use.) Sitting atop a piece of tiny toast?

If I normally eat mostly-runny poached eggs (~4 min.), how long would a quail egg take?

I’ve usually eaten them raw in Shabu-shabu.
They’re good on pizza too if you crack them on top just before taking the pizza out of the oven - you don’t want to over cook them.

I have seen them poached and served on top of a bowl of lobster bisque or on small appetizers but that seems like a lot of work.

Let us know what you decide.

If they’re FRESH, then raw is a good choice. Over a bit of rice or with toast points.

If you must cook them, be sure to not overcook them. Poaching is good - again, toast points are a good choice.

Cracked into hot noodle soup just before serving is also smashing.

Boil them and dip them in celery salt. Classic post-hunt high tea treat.

At what point would they no longer be considered “FRESH”? I bought them Sunday.

Right now I’m planning on stacking mashed purple potatoes, rainbow chard and chicken with a poached quail egg on top. I’ll take a picture.
(Now to concoct a sauce…)

I don’t know how you’d determine whether or not they’re fresh, I just pitched a dozen of them because they didn’t get eaten in time myself (unexpected, considering…).
They’re fantastic over a bit of rice wrapped in sea weed, or if you can get your hands on some Flying Fish Roe make a little pad of rice, put a dollop of tobiku on top of it and then put an egg yolk on there – yummy.

Really, Quail eggs are fantastic in general, reading through the thread so far I’m regretting not eating mine in time.

Here’s what I made. I ended up just making a simple beurre blanc.

I poached the little eggs too long, but not by much. I also had trouble cracking them. After mucking one up, I gently whacked a paring knife on the next two.

There’s a place outside of Denver called The Fort that serves “Bison Eggs” -

Chicken eggs that are spoiled float in water. Fresh ones lay flat on the bottom of the water, less fresh but still edible ones kinda stand up on the bottom.

Alternatively, just crack one open and smell.