What different kind of eggs have you eaten?

This thread wants serving suggestion for quail eggs.

I never eaten quail eggs, never knew that were for sale. To the best of my knowledge, chicken eggs are the only thing eggs I have consumed.

check that, make it bird eggs, as I have eaten caviar.

I heard of people eating turtle eggs.

I would guess that people eat duck eggs (seen it on Survivor), turkey eggs, goose eggs, ostrich eggs. but I have never seen these eggs for sale, much like quail eggs. Then again, I never been shopping for them either.

And I know that people have egg allergies. Is that normally chicken egg specific or does it apply to all eggs? Is turkey (or other fowl) eggs have less cholesterol than chicken eggs?

Quail eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs, caviar…

and bulut.

yes, that is what I saw on survivor. Doesn’t look appetizing.

Oooh, forgot about caviar.

Ok then…I’m boring.

Chicken, beluga sturgeon, and some canned quail eggs I got in an asian market, where I couldn’t read anything and just thought eggs in a can sounded cool. They were cute; tasted like boiled eggs.

I do like pickling boiled eggs in leftover pickle juice; I don’t think that changes anything really :slight_smile:

Duck eggs are good, they make extra tasty omelettes and scrambled eggs. Quail or pigeon eggs make a great snack hard boiled or fried.

Also, preserved eggs - century egg aka thousand year egg. In Thai/Lao they are called horse piss eggs. This is my favourite way to eat eggs I think.


quail, chicken, duck, turkey, goose

got a goose egg in the fridge right now one of my geese laid yesterday=)

Chicken eggs, emu eggs, caviar, and uni. (And one raw quail egg, but never again.)

Chicken White eggs
Chicken Brown eggs
Plenty of caviar

I had the opportunity to order duck eggs and at restaurant for brunch and I FORGOT. I’m still mad.

I’d like to taste another egg besides chicken, but I haven’t had the opportunity. A goose egg sounds interesting. You’d probably just need a couple for a honking (ha!) huge omelet.

IME, eggs taste like eggs. We regularly have duck, chicken, and goose eggs. My sister has a few (pet) turkeys, and she has given us eggs a few times.

We recently made a frittata from one each goose, chicken, turkey, and duck eggs. It was delicious, but a similar dish made from all chicken eggs would likely not be discernible from it.

I’ve eaten an ostrich egg.

Edit: And chicken eggs, obviously.

This. Bird eggs are bird eggs - they all taste pretty much the same. If you’ve eaten chicken eggs, you know what they all taste like. The main difference is size.

I’ve only had chicken and duck. As others have said they taste pretty much the same. Although if I’m remembering correctly, and it was like a decade ago so it’s very possible I’m not, the duck eggs had much darker yolks. That and that they were bigger is about the only difference between duck and chicken eggs that I can remember.

Quail, Chicken, Century, Fish (Caviar and Sushi).

Chicken, duck, ostrich, goose among the birds.

Salmon roe, flying fish roe, smelt roe, herring roe, sturgeon caviar, trout caviar among the fish.

Had the opportunity for turtle but declined because I wasn’t at all confident of the source.

ETA: Oh, when I was a kid I ate frog eggs out of a pond once before my mom could stop me. No memory of that though.

Chicken, duck, caviar, lobster roe, and probably fly and other insect eggs.

Chicken, duck, quail, guinea fowl, ostrich, penguin, gannet, crocodile, fish, urchin.

I’m waiting for one of our Australian posters to tell us what platypus eggs taste like…