Quake moves Japan 8 feet (the less than serious thread)


North Korea instantly issued the following threat; “Move any closer and we attack!”


Holy crap. Maybe 2 atom bombs were enough payback for Pearl Harbor, not to mention that it was 70 years ago.

Who are these people/idiots/patriots, and where did these comments come from?

It’s a compilation of grabs from facebook.

Just when I think I know how stupid the general public can be they prove me wrong. Seriously do they think the US caused the earthquake?

The first one on the page was hilarious, in a “if the US played global scale practical jokes” sort of way. The rest were just stupid.

Yes, through Jesus, our owned-and-operated deity in the spirit world.

You know, back in the day you could only comment publicly through “Letters to the Editor” in your local newspaper, and they exersized at least a modicum of restraint in what they published. Beyond that, there were only comments made on a street corner or in your local pub, and you could easily tell who the morons were or dismiss them.

Social Media and the Internet now mean that any brainless chucklehead can make their ill-considered and ignorant comments before the entire world. I look at the comments made on Yahoo and CNN and think “My god, these people are sick, stupid, ignorant, evil fucks!”

But hey, let’s not turn this into a pit thread about morons with mouths.

Japan moved 8 feet eastward.

So new NK headline: Japan Fears Best Korea, Moves Eastward.

That is quite the repository of stupid comments there. My favorite was the one that called the Japanese “Krauts”. Get your epithets right!

The Discovery Channel needs to launch a new TV series to cater to this ilk:
American Peckerwoods

Actually, some people do. Here’s a taste:

Do a google search for “HAARP earthquake” and you’ll find countless sites just like it.

Spacequake? Would space tectonics be the driving force behind it? Would converging plates involve the Suckduction zone? And how would you measure magnitude? Perhaps a logarithm function of energy for the following: the amount it would take to lift a a concert harp up to various altitudes (Low earth orbit, Clark orbit, lunar orbit). I would call it the Harpo Marx scale.

Maybe I can parlay my aerospace experience and my interest in geology into a new and exciting career-- Astrotectonics. To infinity and back!

Astrotectonics, eh? Well, keep the noise down, we’re trying to sleep here. And clean up after your space volcanoes!

Wah! I can’t hear you. In space, no one can hear you scream!*

*You know it would have been funnier if I could figure out the stupid caps setting on this board.


I know a couple people who believe in that shit - friends of friends. I try to make sure they are not there when I stop by. They also believe in chemtrails - though they can never say what chemicals, who manufactures them, and why no one, ever, has admitted to doing so (cloud seeding, excepted).

They make the birthers look like pikers, though there is overlap there. It is the same crowd that thinks Zeitgeist was a factual documentary.

They are the people that make me question universal suffrage, and that STEM teaching programs cannot be implemented fast enough.

Jesus fucking Christ…:frowning:

The population of Facebook users is very high, so it’s not hard to fill a quota of bigoted comments. The question is, what proportion of Facebook users really think like this? Links to the original comments showing people’s reactions to them would give a better idea.

If some of these morons stopped to think for a pico-second, they might realise most of the Japanese victims of this disaster weren’t even born when Pearl Harbour was bombed.

Sadly, this “them and us” attitude is fairly common. In the wake of the Concorde accident, my Mum heard quite a few “well, they were only Germans” comments at work.

Damn, this is going to make my flight back to the States 8 feet longer.