Facebook Meme: Pearl Harbor Payback is a Bitch!

I get that this is just a sampling of random assholes on Facebook, but still…the earthquake and Tsunami are payback for Pearl Harbor!!! Fucking Pearl Harbor, from 70 years and at least three generations ago? ?And by the pictures it isn’t as if this is grumpy old farts who haven’t gotten over the war, it is grumpy young aasholes who probably are whinging cause they shut down some game servers in Japan. Seriously, these people are pathetic.

I’m willing to go on record as saying that I don’t think Japan deserved this devastating earthquake. There, I said it.

Wait, so what were Hiroshima and Nagasaki supposed to be payback for, failing to apply for statehood when Commodore Perry showed up?

But just like the birthers, there is NO RACISM in the comments of any of those people. They’re just, like, asking questions! No statement can possibly be racist if it has a question mark at the end of it… right?

Shit like that is exactly why I deleted my facebook page.

But do they deserve to be raped? Why is it so hard for you to come right out and say they don’t?

And I can already hear the criticisms— why do you bring that up in this thread, VT? I’ll be accused of being “snarky” and a “shit-stirrer” just because I DARE to affirm that the Japanese don’t deserve post-earthquake-and-tsunami rape. Well, it’s obvious that the pro-rape mentality is still alive and well, isn’t it?

A long time ago I resolved to stop reading threads that aren’t about rape, because everyone dances around the issue and doesn’t mention it, which is just another way to blame the victims, isn’t it? Out of sight, out of mind? Well, FUCK that. Raping Japanese people is a CRIME. FULL STOP.

As long as there are still people like you who ONLY want to focus on the earthquake, because evidently raping Japanese people is “A-OK,” we have a long, long way to go. I will *NOT *be silenced!

I bet those people felt exactly the same way about 9/11.

Good to see the work on the earthquake machine progressing well.

But you should have seen the way they were dressed!

All anyone said was that the Japanese CHOSE to live in any earthquake zone. Nobody said that they are responsible for the earthquake or tsunami.

Pearl Harbor didn’t even come to mind when the earthquake and tsunami hit on Friday, and didn’t still after that until I came across that picture in another thread about Japan over the weekend. It didn’t occur to me that people would even hold a sort of grudge that they would mention it, whether they’re trying to be funny or not. I guess it’s like the Westboro church members who can find anything in a person’s life to disqualify them, in Westboro’s collective mind, from a peaceful life (or death).

Since very few people alive now in Japan were alive in 1942, and even fewer now alive were involved in planning or executing the Pearl Harbor attack, the only way today’s Japanese citizens’ misfortune could be considered “payback” is if you hold a grudge for a very long time and think that children should be held responsible for parents’ actions.

And no one does that except the biblical God.

If the Japanese didn’t want the vengeful undersea earthquake God to rape the fault line, they shouldn’t have been making all that tentacle porn.

I wonder what those “It’s payback!” folks will think about their future when prospective employers check their social media sites, notice those posts, and then decide they don’t need such morons in their employ. Ah, a bright side to it!

If karma’s real, like these people seem to be implying, then they’re in for a hell of a payback as well. I hope so.

Wow, I am losing what faith I had in humanity.

OP, where did you find that, and who compiled it?

Is that because they’re assholes or because they don’t understand cause and effect?

YOu’re a lying sack of shit who can’t read, can’t think, and thinks rape is funny, as are people who take it seriously. And you’re a coward. HAR HAR you inbred asshole.

I got it of one of the commenters on Gawker, but a quick Google search of “Pearl Harbor Facebook” I found this from the Village Voice.