Quaker Oats, and Saul Bass

In 1970, Saul Bass created the shadowed illustration?? Is this the very same Saul Bass who created those terrific Stop-Motion cartoons all of which are Holiday-Season based? (Rudolph, etc.)
Talk about a Conspiracy. I think that is is NOT much of a stretch to think that Saul Bass, ace Animatrix, really made the Quaker Oats man look like Moses in a Tri-Cornered Hat. Evil is afoot. Proceed with care…heh heh.
Typer, who sees a conspiracy in every element of life. <<sigh>>

Well, there’s also Saul Bass who designed the title sequences for movies of the 50s and 60s (worked with Hitchcock and did the marvellous title sequences for NORTH BY NORTHWEST and PSYCHO, frinstance).

How many famous Saul Bass’s are there?

I suspect that there was only one, and he was one Ace Animator. I wanna run to my 18 -volume Compendium Of All Things Sketched and Illustrated, but I think the cat ate it.