Qualified Candidates for 2024 POTUS Race (both parties) under 60

Of POTUS elected in the last 50 years (9), four were under the age of 60 when they were elected: Carter, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama. I personally believe we need a younger mind set in the oval office as we begin our country’s journey deeper into the 21st century.

My current list of potentially qualified* candidates from both parties.

Kamala Harris - VP
Michael Bennet - CO Senator
Pete Buttigieg - Sec. of Transportation
Andy Beshear - Gov. Kentucky
Corey Booker - NJ Senator
Gretchen Whitmer - Gov. Michigan
Andrew Yang - business person

Ted Cruz - TX Senator
Ron DeSantis - Gov Florida
Nikki Haley - UN Ambassador, Fmr. Gov. South Carolina
Marco Rubio - FL Senator
Ben Sasse - NE Senator
Glenn Youngkin - Gov Virginia

  • - not necessarily would I endorse or would agree with their political stances on all things, but have the experience to become POTUS, imho.

Thoughts, other potential candidates that would meet my imposed age limitation?

Can you catch me up on Andy Beshear - Gov. Kentucky, I don’t even know the name. I’m honestly surprised Kentucky has a Dem Gov.

Who is the least terrible of the 6 Republicans you list. The first 3 are nightmare candidates to me.

Beshear beat incumbent (Republican) Matt Bevin in a very tight election in 2019. Bevin was widely unpopular (33% approval rating, according to Wikipedia), which was likely a factor in a Democrat being able to win.

Beshear had previously been Attorney General in Kentucky; his father, Steve Beshear (also a Democrat) was Bevin’s predecessor as governor.

Beshear is 45, elected to Kentucky governorship in '19. He was in a law practice prior to being elected Atty Gen of Kentucky in 2016. Went to Vanderbilt and UVA Law School.

Of the Republicans, I’d be the biggest fan of Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

Just going through Wikipedia pages of past contenders, Evan McMullin and David Cobb are young enough. But the former has his eye on a senate seat in Utah, the latter’s last activity of note was managing Jill Stein’s campaign in 2016 but I assume he’s still working with the Green Party.


Yes, of that specific list, Sasse would be the least bad. Of course, because of that fact, Sasse wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of actually winning the Republican nomination.

Gavin Newsom is probably under 60… survey says, 54.


Similar things were said of a young Bill Clinton regarding the Democratic nomination in late 1991.

On the Democratic side, I might add Tammy Duckworth (currently a U.S. Senator from Illinois) to the list. She is 54 (born in 1968), and has served in both the House and the Senate. She’s vice-chair of the DNC, and was an assistant secretary in the VA during the Obama administration.

She was apparently on Biden’s short list for his vice-presidential candidate in 2020.

She’s also a military veteran: she was a helicopter pilot for the Army National Guard, served in Iraq, and was seriously injured (losing her right leg at the hip, and left leg below the knee) when her helicopter was shot down in 2004.

(She was born in Thailand, to an American father, and a Thai mother; my understanding is that, as her father was a U.S. citizen, she is considered a “natural-born citizen.”)

Not to get snippy, but the situation 30 years ago for one political party does not have any bearing on the situation today for the opposite political party. Clinton’s issues in the 1992 campaign were primarily regarding his marital infidelities, which used to be a dealbreaker for American voters. Clinton’s successful campaign, in hindsight, marked a sea change in electoral politics that indicated that voters didn’t care as much about those sorts of things anymore.

If Ben Sasse were to run a campaign, and make the same basic arguments that he has made throughout his political career, he will not be able to get anywhere. What he is purportedly selling is not what Republican voters (especially primary voters) want. They are all about grievance against their enemies (real and perceived). Anyone who does not fully embrace that platform is going nowhere fast.

Got ninjad as I was typing a similar response. She had a bad appearance during the height of the pandemic summer 2020 during the statue debate and waffled about if statues of George Washington should be torn down. That probably helped Biden cross her off the list.

But, I will vote for her to be my Senator.

Glenn Youngkin likewise. Ran a largely fraudulent campaign, pretending to be a moderate Republican, but “came out” on Day One in office as a MAGAt as they come.

I’m disappointed that Elizabeth Warren could not make OP’s list. Maybe just as well. I view her as just a bit borderline radical, in about the right ways to get my vote, but I doubt she would be electable as President.

ETA: I know what to do! Put Elizabeth Warren on the Supreme Court, and quickly elevate her to Chief Justice. Then the Warren Court could reign again!

He’s a hair over on the age threshold (61), but I see Adam Schiff making all the right moves.

Of course, he doesn’t tickle the “cool” button, so he’s probably not electable by current qualification standards.

Given the apparently prevalent attitudes among Republicans of who would be a winner, it’s possible that Mad Kid Cawthorn could still be on the list (gag. retch.), that is, if he doesn’t implode and self-destruct more than he already has. He may already be too far gone even within his own party.

(ETA: Wait. Is he too young to be prez in 2024?)

Definitely too old.

(snapping fingers and pointing at @Omar_Little)

Good one.

Julian Castro (age 47) was briefly a candidate in 2020. I’d vote for him in a second if he ran again.

Yes, he’s only 26. He wouldn’t be eligible until 2032.

Well, he still satisfies OP’s terms and conditions. (For some value of “satisfies”.)

Maybe this is my inexperience, but I never understand why we don’t see my favorite badass Katie Porter (48) on these lists more often.

Not really, he wouldn’t be a “qualified candidate”, which is my subjective opinion, but would include constitutionally qualified.