Biden's running-mate in 2016

Assuming he’s the nominee, any guesses as to a running mate? I’ll predict Elizabeth Warren.

That’s a pretty big assumption, given than he’ll be 74 years old in '16 and he’s given no indication that he’s interested in another presidential run.

Four years is a long time, and it’s impossible to know what skeleton will fall out of which closet, or what missteps will be made in that time. If Warren wins the senate this year though, she might have a shot to be the Dem presidential candidate. I’m hearing rumblings to that effect here and there on the 'net, anyway, for what little that’s worth. I haven’t heard anything about any other possible candidates though, so there’s that.

However, Warren isn’t young either: She’ll be 67 in 2016 - certainly not ancient, but older than would be preferred for such a stressful job and an even more stressful campaign. Who else is on the radar for '16? Hillary will be 69 herself, and, I suppose, potentially carries baggage from her husband’s presidency, though I don’t know if that will matter to anyone that wasn’t already going to vote Republican.

I’ll be interested to see who is suggested as a Biden running-mate or presidential candidate, though at this point, I don’t know if we’ll get very far. Other such discussions I’ve seen elsewhere recently seem to stall pretty quickly.

According to a poll in Iowa, Andrew Cuomo is favored to be the '16 nominee assuming that neither Clinton or Biden run (which i’d say is the likely scenario).

Interesting but I find it a bit damn ridiculous to run a poll for the next election even before this election cycle’s even over.

O’Malley/Warren '16 or O’Malley/Wasserman Schultz '16 or O’Malley/Brown '16 supporter here.

I have to second this sentiment.

Having said that I will opine that:

[li]it is Hillary’s for the asking (provided she wants it.)[/li][li]I’ve seen nothing to make me think Biden would be all that interested and doubt he has a realistic chance of getting it.[/li][li]Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely choice if neither of them want it and no new star emerges over the next four years.[/li][/ul]

Of course, being four years+ out I could be totally off base given that my time machine is currently in the shop.

I’d bet a week’s pay on the field vs. Biden being the nominee in '16…

I really really don’t see Biden as going for the presidency in 2016!

I see it more likely that Biden gets a slot on a cable news station.

Actually, now that I think about it, if Biden and the Secretary of State get to co-host something on cable news, I may turn my TV back on.


I’m exactly as likely to run for President in 2016 as either Biden or Clinton.

And so are you, you, you, you, and you.

He (or whoever else) should pick Claire McCaskill - she’s awesome!

Now for the follow-up question: what should Barbara Bush’s inaugural parade route be in 2024? I’d pick the Yale campus in New Haven, going south to north. :slight_smile:

Don’t be silly. She’s going to be Joe the Plumber’s running mate, not the nominee herself.

Anyone who wants to run through fields with a butterfly net while wearing a clown costume and snow shoes.

There is zero chance that he will be the candidate. Regardless of how much comedians wish it to be so.

Wasserman Schultz? Her outside is as ugly as her inside. Or is it the other way around? Either way, YIKES!

One guy I expect to make a move, though 2016 might be early, is Gavin Newsom. He is very ambitious. And thinks very highly of himself.

Too oily and slick. Kinda gross, even though he’s on my side on many issues.


“Lieutenant governor” isn’t really much of a stepping stone to the presidency - he’ll have to win a higher office in '14 if he wants a credible shot at the nomination. Is Jerry Brown planning to run for reelection?

Any route that has the maximum number of watering holes. It would not be a parade so much as a crawl.

Biden is very unlikely to be the nominee. Clinton may very well be if she chooses to run. Cuomo is top tier for certain, could even send Clinton to a second primary defeat if they competed.

As for VP, Wasserman Schultz is a professional partisan first and foremost, not the kind of person you pick if you want to appeal to anyone but the party faithful. For VP there’s a much wider selection since you don’t need to pick a big name, just someone qualified to be President in a pinch. Perhaps one of the Udalls, or Brian Schweitzer, another rising Democratic star.

Of course, if Mitt Romney wins in 2012, I don’t think you can rule out Barack Obama as a potential nominee in 2016. If the last four years haven’t turned his supporters away from him, I doubt a defeat by a slim margin will.